The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird’s Death

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death
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Revealed: The Canary Breeders System for keeping your canary bird in top shape for fighting off disease and successfully treating the stubborn illness that does pop-up.

This Never Before Seen Canary Health Care System Has Never Been Published Or Shared Before…Until Now!

 Start from scratch today and actually improve your canary’s immune system within 24 hours!

It would surprise me – greatly – if you already know how easily you can help a sick canary recover from his illness and then STAY healthy for a long, long time.

Not just having a bird that’s NOT SICK, but having a bird that is SUPER healthy, strong, and full of energy.

And none of the techniques I’m about to reveal to you are difficult. Literally, in just a couple of minutes per day you can give your canary what he needs to be a model of fitness. (Especially with the step-by-step system I’m going to reveal to you!)

If you’re interested in simple techniques for taking care of your canary like a pro, then let me explain my completely unique approach to “pet canary care”. But, first, let me break the bad news to you.

Keeping a pet canary in the home is nothing new. The problem is, up until now, most people have been taking the wrong approach.

1) Owners of HEALTHY Canaries are taking the wrong approach! Waiting until your bird gets sick could be a death sentence for your canary. Take action now, while your pet is healthy, and keep him that way. No worries.

2) Owners of SICK Canaries are taking the wrong approach! Most people who find they have a sick canary on their hands do NOTHING. Why? Because they suspect that the illness is minor and that their bird will recover in a few days. BAD PLAN! Listen to me here, if you go to Vegas and roll the dice you’re almost certainly going to lose money. Don’t roll the dice with your canary’s life.

I began breeding canaries years ago and although I lost a few birds to illness that first year it didn’t deter me. I asked questions, I researched long boring avian disease manuals, I learned, and I grew in experience.

Then I began sharing my experiences with others. I participated in forums for canary breeders, chat rooms, personal emails, website visitors, and my knowledge of canary-keeping just grew and grew.

In fact, as I sit writing this article, my “office canary” is fluttering around his cage behind me and singing boisterously. He is healthy and strong and I intend to keep him that way for many years to come.

1. LONG LIFE. While many canaries end their life within a year or two, canaries that are given “Trump” style care can live as long as 20 years.

2. JOYOUS SINGING. A strong and fit canary will enjoy his day providing you with natures beautiful music.

3. BONDING. Canaries are generally very cautious of people. They don’t like to get too close. But a canary with a healthy body and a healthy mind has more confidence and is more likely to want to bond with his owner.

4. SAVE MONEY. A canary that is NOT provided the simple things lined out in this system may develop recurring illnesses that require a veterinarian’s attention over and over again. Have you seen what vets charge lately?

5. INTERIOR DESIGN. A fit canary is beautiful to look at and has a healthy sheen to his feathers. This not only adds beauty to your home but brings appreciation of the world around you. An unfit canary may look dull and ragged.

 In just a few seconds of my time each day I take the necessary steps to make sure he’s getting the correct amount of daylight. Are you providing the correct amount of daylight for your canary?

 Without even thinking about it I can quickly evaluate and eliminate stresses in my canary’s life.

As a result of simple things like this, I’d be willing to bet I’ve got the happiest healthiest pet canary in town! If not, I’ll tie a thousand canaries to my body and let them fly me over the Pacific Ocean. ;-)

As you can see, all the common canary problems are here for you to learn from. No more spinning your wheels searching for the info you need. It’s all right here in one easy-to-use system that takes you from zero to your canary’s hero.

(Note: These are “real” people just like you – not a bunch of my “buddies” that I gave a free copy to in exchange for a testimonial!)

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