Sugar Gliders Or Sugar Bears Information Guide

Sugar Gliders Or Sugar Bears Information Guide
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“A fantastic guide to these wonderful little animals. It covered everything I needed to know. I now consider myself an expert on sugar gliders and have the confidence to properly look after them.”

"It’s great to have found such a comprehensive and well written book that provides both the positive and negative sides of owning sugar gliders. I now feel fully prepared. This book is a keeper!”

If you are p ionate about having a small exotic pet, one of the most beautiful, cute and fun to raise pets are — sugar gliders and sugar bears!

Owning and raising sugar gliders and sugar bears is easy to do, all you need is a suitable cage to keep them. Many people recall childhood memories of trips to zoos where exotic pets including sugar gliders and sugar bears caught your eye and made you smile with their fun-loving antics.

The sugar glider is a small nocturnal marsupial that can be found living high up in the trees in Australia and the surrounding islands. Sugar gliders can also be found in homes all around the world as exotic pets. These little creatures are full of energy and make very entertaining pets, as long as you care for them properly.

A marsupial is a type of animal that carries its young in its pouch – examples include kangaroos, wallabies, possums and koalas. These creatures have soft, thick fur that is blue-grey in color, fading to cream on the throat and chest. Sugar gliders typically have a black stripe running from the nose to about halfway down the back. There are also some sugar gliders that exhibit yellow or tan coloration as well as albino variations, though these are extremely rare.

The rising popularity of keeping exotic pets is sure to make the Sugar Glider and Sugar Bear one of the cutest pets to own. They have captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the world.

For some individuals it may be the novelty of it – having a Sugar Glider or Sugar Bear as a pet is much more interesting than having a standard pet.

For many people, it is the playful and social nature of this cute pet that makes them so endearing. These little creatures are full of energy and affection making them highly entertaining as pets, though they do require a great deal more time and effort to care for than a cat or dog.

Remember caring for this type of exotic pet is much different than keeping a dog or a cat, so you want to be absolutely sure they are the right pet for you before you buy one.

The Sugar Glider, also called the Sugar Bear, is a small, furry marsupial native to Australia. These creatures are actually a type of nocturnal gliding possum, named both for their ability to glide through the air and for their love of sugary fruits.

Sugar Gliders carry the scientific name "Petaurus breviceps" which translates from Latin to mean “short-headed rope-dancer.” This name was given in reference to the aerial acrobatics these little creatures exhibit.

Sugar Gliders look very similar to the flying squirrel and they exhibit some similar habits, but they are not actually very closely related.

The similarities between these two species are likely due to convergent evolution. These creatures are omnivorous and arboreal, found throughout the northern and eastern regions of Australia – they have also been introduced into Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, and other nearby islands.

Sugar Gliders build nests in tree hollows, feed from flowers that grow on the trees in their habitat, and glide between trees in search of food. It is also worth noting that sugar gliders are nocturnal by nature which means that they are most active at night, spending much of the day sleeping in their nest.

Sugar Gliders and sugar bears enjoy human company, and they will interact with the people who care for them.

Keeping Sugar Gliders and Sugar Bears can be a fun and rewarding experience, simply because these exotic pets are a truly nice pet companions. The fun-loving-antics and benefits of owning and raising sugar gliders and sugar bears is a true pleasure to enjoy!

After searching for many hours for Sugar Glider and Sugar Bear keeping information, as well as talking to breeders and fanciers I finally decided that there was a definite need for a comprehensive book all about Sugar Gliders and Sugar Bears covering everything you need to know from A to Z.

With that thought in mind, I created this book, called "Sugar Gliders or Sugar Bears… Facts and Information Guide" for keeping Sugar Gliders or Sugar Bears!

Everything you want to know about buying, raising, feeding, caring for and breeding sugar gliders and sugar bears, and much more! Read more…

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