Practical Beekeeping Book – Start Beekeeping

Practical Beekeeping Book - Start Beekeeping
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The Practical Beekeeping tips, know how and step-by-step instructions on how to start bee keeping right now!

You learn how to make your OWN HONEY! You get to learn how you can make money! Learn beekeeping secrets and tips!

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If honey bees disappeared off the face of the Earth all humans would be wiped out by starvation within about 3 years. Shocking right? What does this mean today? There’s an EVER-INCREASING DEMAND for HONEY and POLLINATION and that means BEEKEEPERS! We won’t bore you with the whole “how this could happen” story because you’d still be here at Christmas… but what you will want to know is this:

Bees pollinate around 70% of the world’s plants and trees including fruit trees, maize, wheat, sunflowers and so much more.

Beekeepers are a niche group of people around the world. It’s a dieing art! Practical Beekeeping knowledge is usually something p ed down from father to son with very few newcomers to the business. The world needs bee products and bee keeping services.

The thing about a niche is that your skills are in high demand and your bee products are highly desired! Honey prices are soaring through the roof! You need to take advantage right now of government funding, local projects that want YOU to boost beekeeping related activity!

Major tenders for government funded beekeeping projects are available and local funding for agricultural developments are also keen to develop beekeeping activity!

Take your share of these projects and grow a honey farming business like no other! It’s up to you right now!

“I’ve already started harvesting comb honey and it’s only 3 months since I caught my first bee hive.”

Besides selling comb and pure honey, you also learn about the many profitable bee products you can make money from in our Beginner’s bee book.

Propolis, Royal Jelly, Beeswax Candles, pollination, bee removal services, beauty creams, shampoo and honey wine are all bee products from your honeybees.

Bee farming is one of a handful of business ventures you can start and make back your original investment within the first year.

It is also a sustainable agricultural activity. The honey bee is a natural resource! Recent decline in bee populations is a major scare for governments arund the world. If pollination of main food sources were to suffer farming production would suffer.

By developing your skill in the beekeeping niche you can provide bee hives for healthy bees and help restore the natural balance of nature. You also get to make a serious profit from it!

I show you how you can “catch” a wild bee swarm and give them a home – Your bee hive!

I “walk” you through an inspection of your bee hive from preparing what beekeeping equipment to take, to how you should approach the bee hive and “count” the bee population of your apiary!

You will learn to use smoke to calm the bees correctly to create the least amount of disturbance to the hive and the best working conditions for you!

You will know how and when to harvest your bee honey – not to mention maintenance of the honey hive box.

You don’t need to own the land that you keep the bees on – Just get permission to keep them there

Bee keeping A Brief History about how beekeeping all began and how it has developed to what it is today.

Learn about the Bee Family & each family member’s life cycle. The queen bee can live for up to 5 years!

Find out how queen bees can drive you crazy laying eggs, splitting the colony and making new queen bees!

Discover what types of egg cells you will find inside the bee hive and how to determine the health of the queen bee laying them.

We give you the Utlimate List of Beekeeping Equipment needed to help you start off like a professional

How to Prepare for hive inspection, smoking bees and opening the hive and how to get on in there…

A walk-through Step-By-Step Instruction section on what to do with your honey bees when you want to take honey out of the hive!

“I now do bee removals part-time and make beeswax… Read more…

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