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Beery - Horse Training Resources – Horse Riding and Training
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They LAUGHED At This 100 Year Old Horse Training Course BUT, When They Saw The Results They Understood How They Could:

If your horse has behavior problems then read this letter completely. You’ll discover the time-proven solutions that will make a huge difference in your horse training efforts.

You don’t have to second-guess or wonder how to do it. All the methods, secrets and techniques are disclosed in this course that enables you to turn your horse into a super-responsive animal that’s a joy to ride and handle.

Imagine the enjoyment of riding your horse without fear of rearing, running out of control, kicking, shying and multiple other bad habits that leave you frustrated, fearful or embarr ed. This proven course teaches you to use your natural ability to master your horse with the experience of a veteran horse trainer and stop behavioral problems quickly.

After spending just a few minutes a day your horse will be doing exactly what you want and you’ll be seeing results like you never thought possible before. You can finally stop all the bad habits and behavior problems your horse has.

If you have always desired to train your horse but wasn’t sure how to go about it, then this message contains the most important information you could ever read. Hundreds and thousands before you, over many years, have successfully used this exact course to take control over their horses…. and you can, too.

If you will carefully follow the methods presented then I will guarantee your success with your horse training or will gladly refund your entire investment.

Our best selling: “Horse Training Book Collection” The complete 8 Volume Jesse Beery Course *PLUS* 2 Bonus Books – all printed in one Spiral-Bound course manual. The best value in the industry!

“I enjoyed reading your website. I’m Jesse Beery’s great-granddaughter. I’m glad to see his work is still being appreciated.” Beth Beery

“…we want to thank you for all your knowledge and istance over the years. Your training methods have made our lives easier and much safer, and have a lasting impression on our horses.”

Over the many years we have used the Beery training methods for all our horses. We purchased the original ‘blue books’ about 20 years ago and still use them today. Actually we still own one of the first horses we trained via the Beery method. He is as perfect today as he was 19 years ago when we first trained him.

We also purchased the equipment that was available at the time, e.g. pulley bridle, surcingles, knee pads, etc.

We’ve trained many horses with a variety of dispositions and this equipment was used every occasion. Although the wear and tear on the equipment is beginning to show, we continue to use this equipment. I don’t know if all of the items are still available, I would recommend them to everyone that uses the Beery training methods.

As long time dedicated customers, we want to thank you for all your knowledge and istance over the years. Your training methods have made our lives easier and much safer, and have a lasting impression on our horses.

I am absolutely amazed at the progress I have had so far with my horse. It’s rewarding and satisfying to see him have respect and look to me for guidance. I am very glad I went this route. I’ve seen horses trained in many ways, typically fear to command – this has been life saver. I appreciate it. Have a good week.

Perhaps you are like so many others: a typical horse owner getting frustrated and sometimes frightful because your horse would surprise you by biting, shying, occasionally kicking or rearing. Short of spending lots of money for a “professional” to help with the training or just selling him and trying another horse, you just don’t know what to do. At times everything seems fine but other times the horse just “blows up” under you. At some point you get so spitting mad you want to take the animal to the sale barn!

You know the horse isn’t safe when you lack control. You see, when you’re green, or if you are a new horse owner, and don’t understand how a horse thinks, you can’t get consistent results at all. This course takes you through one lesson after another, building on the results of each step to the point where you have complete hand and voice control over your horse.

Meet Prof. Jesse Beery, who was one of the best horse trainers in history. His “genius” methods were proven over and over again with thousands of horse owners like you and me. In the early… Read more…

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