Complete Puppy Training Package – Raise A Healthy Obedient And Happy Dog

Complete Puppy Training Package - Raise A Healthy Obedient And Happy Dog
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Have you seen one of those small gerbil wheels, where the gerbil keeps running round and round, failing miserably to get anywhere?

Would this describe your puppy training attempts? Trying so hard to get them to obey you, but just not getting anywhere?

Well, whether you want to know what to do before you get a pup or if you need an effective dog training solution that doesn’t cost you a fortune or eat up all of your personal time, then this may be one of the most important letters you read.

My name is Mia William and I’m an experienced and professional dog trainer and certified life coach.

The bottom line is this: It’s my job to cut through the confusion about what it really takes for you to train your puppy…

This letter was written specifically for you, someone that has the power to train their puppy… but may be a little unsure how to do it.

My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you… just like it’s worked for 2,324 other dog owners before you.

You’ll get exclusive access to this dog training package where I will teach you a time-tested and perfected puppy training formula. This formula is a simple step-by-step plan you can follow to train your pup to listen to you, be more loving and eliminate unwanted behavior.

This formula was tested, tweaked, and used live with my personal one-on-one clients in my dog training business in Melbourne. The reason why it’s so popular is simple:

There’s no "aggression." No hitting. No yelling or anything like that. You won’t need it because my training shows you how to make your puppy want to obey you!

And what I mean by that is it’s actually an instinct for your puppy to obey you. That’s the way puppies are.

They have a special mental "trigger" that drives almost all of their behavior. And when you understand how that works and you tap into this little-known puppy driving force, you can totally shape their behavior.

This dog training package makes it really-easy to create permanent change that you will love and so will your dog.

As you probably already know, there is an ocean of information being shared online and offline that simply doesn’t work.

Many dog training books, courses and even local dog schools advice can actually work against you and your dog and create further deep rooted behaviour issues that result in long-term problems that cause the dog to be restless, unhappy and a challenge on your lifestyle.

Look, I’ve been a professional dog training coach since 2008 and a dog owner even longer and I can honestly tell you what it takes to get your dog to listen to you, very quickly.

“Now when I walk along people smile and look at these well-behaved dogs. If only they knew what my dogs used to be like!”

“Hi, I am Rob Heselev and we’ve got two dogs and my mother-in-law has a dog so we have had to deal with 3 dogs’ problems for a while; the problems were mainly relating to walking and controlling them on the leash.

And it would get quite crazy because we’d have one dog walking in one direction and the others running in the other direction so we’d get all in knots and they’d try and trip me over. I’m sure that they were not trying to do this on purpose but that was the result.

Anyway, we spoke to Mia, she came along and helped us with training them simply to heel. And now when I walk along people smile and look at these well-behaved dogs. If only they knew what my dogs used to be like! The benefit to us is that we can go for a walk and not get tripped over by lunatic dogs running around like crazy.

So thank you Mia. It’s been fun having you around and helping us train our dogs so now they no longer the local lunatics! “

“Mia came along and shared some tips with my mum on how to train Honey. Now they’re both very happy…”

Now they’re both very happy and they both hop in the car and they go wherever they like and Honey is much better behaved. So, thank you Mia! It’s been a successfiul operation for all involved.”

You see, what I do as a trainer is to show you simple (yet highly effective) day-to-day changes that you can do in as little as 15 minutes a day with your pup ( even while you watch TV ) that provide long-term, permanent… Read more…

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