Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide and Beagle Obedience Lessons

Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide and Beagle Obedience Lessons
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As you know, Beagles are extremely beautiful, active and intelligent dogs. They make wonderful companions who undoubtedly will bring many years of joy to you and your family.

It’s important to your Beagle’s development that you learn how to positively channel his energy and intelligence so as to build a healthy bond between you and your Beagle.

Having a healthy, happy, well behaved Beagle is an extremely rewarding experience. Your Beagle will respect you, protect your home and family and provide companionship like no other dog.

Unfortunately, the majority of Beagles never have the opportunity to experience the type of training required to bring out their full level of intelligence and take advantage of the positive social skills that are also part of his breeding. The same holds true for the majority of Beagle owners…they never get to experience the full level of intelligence their Beagle is capable of…and therefore miss out on having a fully rewarding relationship.

You see, the problem lies with the training material that’s currently available to Beagle owners, in that it’s not specific to the Beagle breed. In fact, most of the training material available today is based on techniques meant to train any and all dog breeds.

If you’re truly searching for the proper training methods for your Beagle, I strongly suggest against material claiming to train any and all dog breeds.

Simply because Beagles are different from other dog breeds. In fact, every dog breed is unique in the sense that they all react and respond to stimuli in different ways. That is what separates each breed from each other and this is what makes a Beagle a Beagle.

You can’t expect a Beagle to respond in the same way as an Akita or Doberman Pinscher. Or how about trying to train your Beagle using techniques that might work for a 4lb. Yorkie? Probably not the best idea unless you’re the one trying to sell the material.

We’ll, my deeply rooted education of training began while growing up on a farm in the desert Southwest where my parents bred and trained D&S Beagles, Shepherds and Weimaraner puppies. I ly recall learning early on the importance of teaching training techniques specific to each of these breeds. Outside of the essential training commands such as "sit", "stay", "retrieve", "heal", "down" etc…. our dogs were professionally trained herders, hunters, and protectors at a very early age. It’s an amazing thing to see a Beagle and a Border Collie working together as a team while happily herding cattle…or to watch a Beagle and a German Shepherd work together in an effort to find a hidden decoy. Simply put, These dogs were super inteligent…and you could tell they were very happy knowing how smart they were.

Imagine feeling completely comfortable walking your Beagle on the sidewalk …even while other dogs and people walk right past. After speaking a "sit" or "down" command…your Beagle will behave in that position…anxiously awaiting your next command.

Or…imagine being able to let him off the leash for a run only to willingly race back to your side at your first command.

With Zone Training Your Beagle you’ll easily train your dog to do all these things and more, without paying a professional Beagle trainer thousands of dollars in fees …And without using cruel or intimidating tactics.

The reason I say it will cost you thousands of dollars to train your Beagle by a professional is because the top trainer at our facility charges a $3,500 flat fee to train a Beagle using the exact same methods and techniques taught in my book.

And the fact that YOU will train your dog as opposed to a total stranger…this will create a bond that only you and your Beagle can have. He’ll respect you for the education you’ve provided.

Quite literally the valuable training information within my book is worth every bit of $3,500. Clients pay this amount to be on a waiting list to have their Beagle learn these techniques…And like I said, it’s never as effective as the owner of the dog doing the teaching… as long as the owner has the right tools.

We’ll, since "Zone Training Your Beagle" is a brand new publication I’ve decided to provide you with an introductory price $22.95 for a very short period of time. During this time I’m asking for customers to provide me with feedback regarding these outstanding training techniques. If I use your feedback as a testimonial on my website I’ll discount your purchase an additional 10% via PayPal, plus you’ll get a direct link to your web site if you have one.

As soon as I receive enough feedback from my customers the price of "Zone Training Your Beagle… Read more…

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