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So, you must be interested in trying a hydroponic alternative to traditional soil and weed gardening… or you wouldn’t be here. You can’t beat hydroponics when it comes to providing your family (and the neighbors) with the cleanest, tastiest, most nutritious produce ever. All with no back-breaking tilling, hoeing, lifting heavy bags of soil enrichments, or baking in the sun while you pull all those… infernal weeds…

I know you love the taste of home-grown veggies. So let’s give hydroponics gardening a try. If you’ve been doing your homework, you are probably on information overload by now.

Where to start? Choosing the right system is the first step, and you’ve come to the right place for help. In this e-book, we provide superb hydroponic plans for 4 of the easiest, cheapest, simplest to build and maintain hydroponics setups out there.

We take you step-by-step through the decision process until it becomes clear which Hydro food factory will be perfect for you:

EVER PUT TOGETHER A SWINGSET? (Like midnight on Christmas Eve) There you are, with poles laid down on the ground and huge bags of nuts, bolts and chain. And the directions? Either translated into pidgin English, or written by a committee of village idiots!

After hours of frustration, you end up with a wobbly frame and leftover parts. No problem with plans in our e-book. Here you’ll find user-friendly instructions, with tons of color photos, diagrams, parts lists and where to find, useful tools, and insider tips and shortcuts. If you can read, you can succeed!

So which type of hydroponics system will you choose? You don’t have to decide right now! Our hydroponic plans ebook thoroughly describes the different systems, explains the pros and cons of each setup, and so helps you decide which one would be best for you. And no matter which system you decide on, you will always have complete plans for all the setups, so you can try another system later if you want to. Just keep your ebook resource stored on your hard-drive or burn to a CD for later use. Then print out only the section you need to construct each garden. You’ll have a paper manual at your side as you build. Simple Simon!

The secrets experienced hydroponic gardeners use to Turbo-charge plant growth. Use any of these secrets and your plants will grow faster than your neighbors. Use them all and you’ll be bringing home ribbons from the fair.

WAIT! I know you’re anxious to get started, so go on and order below if you must. But… you might just prefer our Giant Hydroponics e-book instead. Why?

Not only do you get this entire Systems e-book, the Giant book also includes complete plans for a super-charged Hydroponics Growbox and Bubbler system. But there’s more…

Also provided… the entire original Hydroponics-Simplified website in PDF form! That’s 320 pages crammed full of hydroponic plans, tips, charts, diagrams, everything you need to get started in this rewarding gardening method. Read all about this unique guide "Getting Started in Hydroponics" here:    Giant Hydroponics Guide Not interested? Then order "Simon’s Simple Hydroponic Plans" below.

Regular Price $19.95 Today and always $19.95 [No fake inflated price, no limited time offer here]

A complete but compact and concise guide you can print out and keep right there in your grow room. You’ll find yourself referring to this clever guide every day! It boils down the whole growing cycle and reminds you of steps you need to take at each stage of growth. This bonus guide includes:

Nutrients: Quick mixing chart, proper ph and EC ranges, the super-simple 50% method, how to top up your reservoir, and when to mix a new batch of grow juice

Build the ultimate lazy man’s  hydroponics garden! With AutoPots®, you truly can "set it and forget it". We tell you how to create a big automated Autopot® farm with this bonus guide, which comes with the hydroponic plans.

Well that’s about it… what else do you need to know about our EBook offering? Email us if you need more info. We feel that "Simon’s Simple Hydroponic Plans" ebook is simply the best way to get you started in hydroponics for the least amount of money (except for the Giant Hydroponics e-book).

Order your ebook today; a pdf file for instant download and use. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the book, but we supply that for free if you don’t already have it on your computer.

WAIT! I know you’re anxious to get started, so go on and order below if you must. But… Read more…

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