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Horse Training - Train a horse - Training Horses - Train your Horse
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If you want to know the most effective horse training techniques so your horse stops its bad habits…and…is much safer for you to ride…then this message is just for you.

You see, you can quickly and easily do your own horse training and stop your horse, shying, kicking, running away, biting, halter pulling, rearing, or make your horse easy to shoe and more. Much more.

Because here on this web page you’ll discover proven horse training techniques long forgotten by many of the modern so–called horse training ’experts’ around.

These modern day horse trainers want you to spend hundreds of your precious dollars on training your horse. They want you to fall for their slippery words. They insist on telling you it’s a job for a ‘horse training expert’.

Perhaps you’ve even started to contact a few horse trainers to get quotes. And realized it’s going to cost you a small fortune to train your horse properly…and eliminate your horse’s bad habits.

You don’t need to send your horse to an expensive horse training expert. You don’t need to pay for horse training, stabling, food, travel and any vet’s fees while your horse is there.

Over 300,000 horse owners have used these horse training techniques to successfully train a horse. That’s how effective these horse training skills are. And the best bit is you can use these horse training skills to train your own horse yourself.

The truth of the matter is you can quickly and easily eliminate your horse’s bad habits yourself. You don’t need to spend hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars on horse training to have a perfectly trained horse.

1. If you’ve never done any horse training before. (First time horse owners and inexperienced horse owners have used these techniques in training horses.)

2. How much time you can devote to horse training. (You’ll be amazed at how quickly your horse adopts his new habits…once you start using these horse training techniques.)

3. How badly behaved your horse is right now. (You can eliminate your horse’s bad habits once you start using these horse training secrets…even if your horse is wildly uncontrollable.)

4. How old your horse is. It’s never to late to re-educate your horse and re-train him so he’s perfectly trained.

You don’t need any special horse training premises. You don’t need any special horse training equipment. And you don’t need any special horse training skills. In fact, anyone can train a horse once they know these horse training techniques.

Prof. Jesse Beery knew the secrets of horse training and natural horsemanship. Right from an early age he discovered some horse traing secrets.

This horse had been trained (that same day) to lie on its side. Prof. Jesse Beery would lay a horse down like this and usually have one of his accomplices walk around the horse beating on a pan or something to show that the horse wouldn’t move or react to loud noise after being trained using his Course in Horsemanship.

His parents owned a farm and one day when Beery was out riding his horse he dismounted to open a gate and forgot to tie up his horse.

Big mistake, his horse seized the opportunity and bolted back to the farmyard. It was a long, tiring walk home under the hot sun for the young, furious Jesse Beery.

And when he arrived home on foot the rest of his family laughed at his misfortune. There and then he vowed to fully train his horse so nothing so humiliating would happen to him ever again.

In the proceeding days and weeks Beery worked and trained his horse. And he discovered a startling horse training fact; If he could understand the horse’s mind he could train the horse. Any horse.

As the months went by, horses were sent to him from neighboring farms to be trained as Beery was regarded as a horse training expert. And then even the most valuable horses from neighboring counties arrived, until Beery couldn’t handle any more horses. So he started traveling and teaching these horse training secrets.

And here’s the thing. He would stop in the middle of one of his horse training demonstrations and explain the condition of the horse’s mind and the details of his methods. So onlookers could go home and use these horse training secrets to train their own horses.

And that horse training could be done by anyone – once the trainer knew how to read the horse’s mind.

For instance, consider the time in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he gave two highly bred colts the Confidence Lesson. In… Read more…

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