Breeding Bunnies

Breeding Bunnies
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Breeding rabbits isnt just for 4-H projects any moreit is big business and thousands of home based breeding operations are springing up to fill the surging demand. But I knowfor rabbits?!?!

Rabbit meat is actually one of the healthiest forms of protein out there with almost zero fat. And while the health benefits of rabbit meat are helping fuel the demand, the greatest surge is being caused by ethanol production. With more and more of our corn crop going towards making ethanol, this is driving up prices on beef, pork, and chicken because corn is the primary feed for these animals.

High energy prices, stagnant wage growth, and the largest credit crisis in recorded history is putting a severe strain on everyones budgetto the point that we are all finding it painful to buy simple meat staples like beef, chicken, and pork! Breeding rabbits can be a great way to help offset these staggering prices either by selling them to local meat markets or by adding them into your own diet. Breeding rabbits for meat has become increasingly more profitable because per capita consumption has increased by a staggering 50% since 2000! This trend will only continue as high corn prices continue to make more traditional meat too expensive to buy on a regular basis.

In the U.S. alone, there are an estimated 5,000,000 rabbits being kept as pets in over 2,200,000 homes. The trend towards keeping rabbits as pets has also increased since 2000 in part because they cost a mere fraction to maintain when compared to more traditional pets like cats and dogs. Bunnies also require far less care, time, and effort to maintain making them more convenient for todays busy pet owners. And dollar for dollar, breeding bunnies is more profitable than breeding dogs or cats due to lower feed, vet care, and other ociated breeding costs. No, you may not make as much per litter with rabbits when compared to dogs or cats-but you will invest less money, time, and effort while having more litters and making a greater return on your initial investment.

You dont need mere tips on rabbit breeding to be successfulyou need a comprehensive guide taking you through each step of the process! From selecting the breeding pair to preparing for potential birthing complications, breeding bunnies is not as simple as just putting a pair of rabbits into a cage and letting them do their business!

Breeding Bunnies is your complete A-Z guide for successful rabbit breeding and has everything you need to know about this fun and profitable work from home opportunity, including:

Even If You Have Never Owned a Pet Before, Breeding Bunnies: The No Stone Left Unturned Guide to Breeding Bunnies Is All You Need to Be Successful and Profitable!

Pound for pound, rabbit meat is one of the best sources of protein and healthier for you than most of the foods we love to eat!

Even if you have never owned a pet in your life, Breeding Bunnies provides you with the information and step-by-step instructions you need to raise successful litterswhether for profit or funguaranteed. So, if you are not satisfied for any reasonany reason whatsoeverthat Breeding Bunnies is the most comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint to successful rabbit breedingthen return it within 60 Days for a full and complete refund. No questions. No h les. No gimmicks.

Whether looking for a reliable source of healthy, low-fat protein, some extra income, or just to have some fun for yourself and your children, Breeding Bunnies goes beyond simple tips and tricks and provides a complete guide to successful bunny breeding!

With an industry-shattering 60-day Money Back Guarantee and food prices heading skyward, you cant afford NOT to order Breeding Bunnies TODAY!

This comprehensive guide goes beyond the obvious and provides you with every conceivable avenue for profit from raising bunnies, including:

Designed to help even the greenest newbie become an expert in the business of breeding rabbits for meat, Raising Rabbits for Meat probes beyond the basics and teaches you everything you need to know about humanely raising top-grade rabbits for meat consumption, including:

Both bonus books were especially created to complement Breeding Bunnies and combine to create the greatest single rabbit breeding guide on the market today! So whether you are looking to breed rabbits for meat, profit, or just the sheer fun of it… Read more…

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