Pet Guinea Pig – Guinea Pig Care

Pet Guinea Pig - Guinea Pig Care
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ATTENTION: If You Need To Learn How To Care For A Guinea Pig This May Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read…

“Qualified Guinea Pig Expert Finally Reveals Her Cast-Iron Methods For Creating A Deep And Rewarding Relationship Between YOUR Child And Their Guinea Pig – Leapfrogging Every Obstacle Along The Way…”

My name is Nadine and I am a Qualified Rodentologist Health Advisor and Guinea Pig Expert. For the first time ever I have decided to share everything I’ve learned over the last 11 years as a Guinea Pig Specialist with you.

Are you looking to give your child the best you can while they’re still young? Do you want to give in and let them have the Guinea Pig they’re longing after? (Imagine how happy they would be…)

But are you concerned that they’re going to lose interest and you’ll be left to pick up the pieces? I was once where you are now! I’m glad I made the right choice though…

Guinea Pig’s are good for children for a number of reasons. Guinea Pigs provide a great companion for a growing child and can help develop positive traits that lead to greater learning for your child.

You could waste hundreds of dollars on a pet, but you don’t have to! You could waste hours digging through all the junk online just to pull out a handful of bits that might help your child, but you don’t have to. Why would you when it’s already done for you?

What if you could find everything you need? What if you could have a bulletproof program? What if you had…:

It wasn’t until my children were grown up that I was asked for help when a friend bought a guinea pig for her daughter that I unearthed this untapped and most natural combination…

I developed an easy to follow step by step program to help you and your child get the best from a guinea pig faster and easier than you may have ever thought possible.

When I developed my Guinea Pig Care 4 Kids program there were several things I knew I had to be sure were included…

“The only program that shows you how to harness the endless benefits to your child from having a pet guinea pig”

A fun and in-depth illustrated care guide that contains all the information your child will need to correctly care for their guinea pig.

The quiz book is designed to test your child’s knowledge, ensure all the right points are being absorbed and help keep the learning process fun and challenging.

To complement the written workbook these short and easy to watch videos ensure your child will take in valuable information.  The care videos include the following:

This guide is your personal reference to help you support your child in their learning and also to help motivate them using relevant targets and goals.

As a reward for your child’s good work, on-going commitment and proven knowledge you can issue them with their own very special Guinea Pig Care 4 Kids certificate.

This additional workbook covers more advanced techniques required in the caring of a guinea pig.  Your child will progress onto this workbook after receiving their certificate.  The advanced techniques include:

These fun activities will prolong the learning process and help maintain your child’s interest in their guinea pig during and after the program.  Fun activities include:

With this program you are granted access to a VIP members only area, where everything is stored for safekeeping.

Order my program today including everything listed above and get these great bonuses completely free. Take a look below at these amazing bonuses on offer to you for a limited time.

This helpful and guiding video walks you through some online resources to help you find, house and start caring for your guinea pig.

This great fridge chart template offers you the ability to schedule your child’s weekly guinea pig ‘to do list’ in a fun, fast and easy way.

A fun template for your child to complete.  With information and fun facts about their pet guinea pig.

You will be guaranteed to get all my future updates and free reports.  So every time I build a new bonus you’ll receive it first, completely free.

Free private advise from a certified Rodentologist Health Advisor and life long Guinea Pig Lover is always just an email away…

… I’ll let you read everything, watch everything and use it all and see the results for yourself.

I’m so confident that you’re going to be thrilled with the positive changes in your child that if after 2 MONTHS you feel that my program isn’t right… Read more…

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