Dog Training On Demand

Dog Training On Demand
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Are you dreaming of having a well-mannered dog around the house? Do you get tired and awfully embarr ed when your dog jumps around into everybody including you and your house guests leaving all of you scratched, bruised and dirty all over? Do you get home after a walk more exhausted than your dog from their constant pulling? Do your dogs leave you and your neighbors crazy and downright sleepless by their never ending barking and howling?

Are you tired of always cleaning up after your dog after they potty in the house? Does your house smell strongly of poop and pee? Are you desperately wanting to get your dog to stop chewing and destroying everything you have in the house, bolting out the door and dangerously running into the street? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you want to learn the SECRETS to having a PERFECT DOG, in as little as 5 minutes a day, starting today following my dog training system and continue reading below.

Hi my name is Cliff Santos, I am an active certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. As a successful in-home dog training business owner, I’ve helped CURE hundreds of people’s dogs of any age, breed, and temperament of their bad behavior problems using the SECRETS of my dog training system. What I have done, through my experience, is take all the positives from all the dog training techniques and created a simple and easy to use dog training system. One of the most common questions I have is “Can you stay here?”.

You too can have this amazing opportunity to have me and my system “stay” in your house anytime and on demand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year  helping you get started to having a Perfect Dog NOW!

Being a dog owner and trainer, I like you have a p ion for dogs and you like me love them too. I designed this simple system to give you an opportunity to have the dog you aspire and to help keep dogs out of shelters. Unfortunately, most dogs that go to a shelter never had any obedience and sadly most never come out. Every dog that receives manners means one more dog in a happy home and is one less dog in the shelter. A rescued German Shepherd named Onyx is a wonderful success story and you can read more about him below. A well-mannered dog is a happy dog and a happy dog has a happy owner, take advantage of your opportunity!

I had a client that ‘had it to the limit’ with her dog. She had rescued him only about a month prior to me arriving to her house. When I was talking to her she was explaining everything the dog was doing from going to the bathroom everywhere, chewing and destroying everything, jumping on anything including the kitchen table, and even starting to bite her. She said she felt helpless and had no control of what was going on. As she was explaining all of this to me I could hear the frustration and anxiety in her voice and she even got tears in her eyes when she thought she was going to have to return the dog to the shelter. After I taught her my simple techniques and she implemented them, she turned the tears of sadness to tears of joy. She and her dog could now communicate and live the life she had dreamed of living with her loving companion.

With my dog training system you will learn the secrets to cure your dog of these behavior problems and have obedience manners in as little as 5 minutes a day and worked into your lifestyle. The secrets in my system have been effectively tested and proven with my dogs and hundreds of client’s dogs over and over again.

By using this system, I do not have to be worried about my dog every second of the day, whether it is going to the bathroom in the house, being destructive when left alone, being aggressive around people or animals, or any other problem. I can enjoy going out in public, going out to eat at outdoor establishments, have him sit and wait while I go into a store, going to a park or to the beach off leash, and much more. It is also easy to teach new tricks, games, or dog sports once you have the foundation from using this system.  My dog and I have won awards in a compe ion neither of us had attempted until the day of the compe ion using the methods from my training system.

“My two Dobermans are ALWAYS the most well behaved dogs in any particular public venue. I could not… Read more…

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