Practical Tortoise Care – Get your copy now

Practical Tortoise Care - Get your copy now
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How aware are you of the dangers pet tortoises face? Did you know that using the best-selling tortoise food is the equivalent of feeding your kids nothing but McDonald’s? Do you know how many tortoises die every year as a result from poisonous plants?

Tortoises have exploded in popularity in recent years. Maybe you got yours recently. The problem is: as their popularity has spread, proper knowledge has NOT spread along with it. I was in a pet store recently, where they have a ‘reptiles’ section. I saw things there that really scared me. They recommend food, habitats, and equipment for ‘reptiles’ as a group so tortoises get care developed for iguanas. Maybe you’ve seen this in your local pet store too.

I picked up a jar of tortoise food off the shelf and read the ingredient list. Here’s what I saw: corn, processed wheat middlings, soy, alfalfa. That shocked me this processed diet will do for your tortoise what a pure McDonald’s diet will do for your children. If you can’t see what’s wrong with feeding a tortoise this crap, you need to educate yourself!

Another sample of the advice I keep hearing: keep your tortoise in a gl tank, like a fish tank. Again, this might be great for some other reptiles, but not so much for tortoises. You can search the internet for the weird and grotesque deformities caused by keeping torts in this sort of environment on this sort of diet.

What have you done so far to make sure you’re not falling for misinformation like this? If you followed the top blogs or asked the guy in the pet store it’s not looking good for you!

All these people had good intentions. And all these people had bad information. That is what the Practical Tortoise Care system is designed to fix.

I spent years researching this system. I travelled around and modelled 1000s of successful tortoises, breeders, s and even zookeepers. And you know what I found? They all have certain things in common. Any time I see a happy, healthy pet tortoise, I know for sure that its owner has done certain things. So I comiled these things into a book: Practical Tortoise Care.

This proven system is modeled from the best tortoise keepers in the world. The principles you will learn here have been used by -

Thousands of people around the world have raised Mediterranean tortoises, tropical tortoises, and even giant Galapagos tortoises using these same principles. For more than a year, I dedicated myself to making a study of what the most successful tortoise keepers and breeders in the world did consistently and what they all had in common. You know what I found? The principles of tortoise husbandry are universal. There are certain SIMPLE STEPS that lead to tortoises being healthy, happy and fun (and certain other steps that lead to disease, depression and even deformity). I have modelled these principles and condensed them into what I believe – hand on heart – is the simplest yet most effective way of rearing healthy tortoises with absolute consistency.

What I learned from studying the successes was enlightening, but studying the failures taught me almost as much.

I learned that if you feed your tortoise the WRONG things, keep it in a badly-designed habitat, or make other mistakes, the results can be pretty darn horrific. Even if you have the best intentions in the world, by following the advice of many pet store owners, food manufacturers and other sources of bad information, you can wind up with a tortoise dead at a young age, or living in SILENT AGONY.

The good news? This is all EASILY AVOIDABLE. Once you know what not to do, you can have the peace of mind that your tortoise has the best possible conditions in life.

A simple cl ification that gives you powerful understanding the nutrition requirements of 100s of different species

The dangers that come from misidentifying your species (THIS IS MORE COMMON THAN YOU THINK!) and a few weird tricks that infallibly identify species

There is another reason I’m working so hard to make Practical Tortoise Care available to as many of you as possible – the other books written on tortoise care are pretty rare, and hard to get.

Hey, they’re great books by great authors, but I know a lot of you just can’t afford those prices. Let’s face it, tortoise husbandry is a pretty obscure topic, and publishing companies aren’t going to be able to sell a million copies at twenty bucks a pop like they do with Harry Potter.

So does that mean the KNOWLEDGE your tortoise needs you to have is forever out of your reach? Not any more. We are pleased to be able to offer Practical Tortoise Care for just… Read more…

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