Guide to Dog Breeding Business Information and Tips

Guide to Dog Breeding Business Information and Tips
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I will teach you how to get started step by step. You will learn how to operate your own home business “breeding dogs”. Everything you need to know to get started.

Maybe you are breeding dogs now, I guarantee that there are other dog breeders out there making more money and have happier customers too. You can learn to take your dog breeding business to the next level and capture greater market share.

You will discover the secrets that no one talks about. Learn about operating your own successful home business and make money breeding dogs successful home business.

You are going to learn all the secrets to operating your own home business of breeding dogs. Get insider information the others don’t want you to know. You will not find this priceless information anywhere else. You will not find this priceless information anywhere else. Find out where to get the best prices on items like: puppy shots, shipping kennels, vitamins, dog food, and more!

You will learn step by step how to operate a successful business. I will teach you how to take your current dog breeding business to the next level. I’m confident that you will be able to operate a successful dog breeding business after you learn the killer secrets that can be found in my new e-book:

Here is an example of what’s inside, Selecting a breed to sell (these are actual figures used for this example): Let’s say you want to breed Beagles. In 2004 there were 44,555 Beagles registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). In 2003 there were 45,021 Beagles registered. That is a decline in registration of 466 dogs, only about 1%. You then check your local Sunday paper for ads for Beagles. You find five ads and they are selling from $400 – $750.

You check with other breeders and they tell you they have five about puppies per litter. You may get $600 – $800 per puppy, and that is $3,000 – $4,000 per litter. We check with the vet and find that there are no major health issues. Breeders tell us there are no problems with this breed. Is this a dog we should consider breeding? Go to Chapter #3 in my dog breeding eBook to see the results of this ysis, you may be surprised.

I have over 30 years in sales, marketing and management experience including over 12 years in management with a Fortune 500 company.

My wife has 25 years experience in the dog breeding business and sales. We have used all of these skills and training to operate our own successful home business, away from the “corporate rat race”. This gives you an opportunity to learn from our experiences, both good and bad so that you don’t have to make some of the costly mistakes we have made in the past.

Our current business has top standing with AKC (American Kennel Club), and we have over 200 successful transactions where our customers have been extremely happy. The American Kennel Club is like the Better Business Bureau of the dog industry.

Have you ever heard this statement before “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”? This means, what better compliment can a person have than others wanting to be just like him or her. In professional sports, the new expansion teams or unsuccessful teams will try to do what the established winning teams are doing. Why, because they know that they are following a proven system that is successful. You do what the winners are doing because you know it works.

This is exactly what is happening to us. We receive calls from beginner dog breeders, just like you, looking for advice on starting their own dog breeding business. They want to know how we got started and built our business to this level.

We are also approached and get calls from people that are currently breeding dogs. They cannot sell their dogs for enough money and have a difficult time selling all their dogs. They are asking for help in taking their business to the next level. They want to know what we are doing to be so successful.

There have been so many calls that I have considered becoming a consultant. Instead, I’ve decided to write this book to help animal pursue their p ion and operate a successful dog breeding business. You will find everything you need to know to operate a successful home business breeding dogs, in my e-book.

“Our compliments to the Chef’s !! You guys breed a very beautiful dog…we get compliments constantly on our Trinity. People are amazed how big she is and how regal she looks. As you can see in the pictures we sent, her ears came out… Read more…

Koi Fish Ponds Made Easy – Backyard Pond Construction

Koi Fish Ponds Made Easy - Backyard Pond Construction
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PLUS You’ll receive a free bonus ebook – $19.00 value – This guide will show you lots more about caring for your Koi and your plants, and ensure a happy healthy pond. Take advantage of my hundreds of hours of research and save yourself a fortune in the long run!

Buy this Guide, print it out, get out your highlighter, and be ready to scribble notes on these pages! … You’ll be referring to this Guide over and over again.

With all the great resourses, how-to instructions, and tips included in "Koi Fish Ponds Made Easy" and "How To Care For Your Koi Fish", you really can’t go wrong. You can easily build your own Koi Fish Pond in no time!

This Guide has helped lots of people. Try it with no risk! … Request an easy automatic instant refund if you are not 100% satisfied — and you can still keep the Guide. We trust your honesty.

"Wow Michele! I was just floored with the amount of useful information, helpful hints, and wonderful illustrations in your ebooks on Koi Ponds and Koi Fish. These are, hands-down, the best information sources I have found on the subject! Anyone who has ANY interest in Koi Fish or Koi Ponds will find these guides essential and I will be happy to recommend them to anyone who has an interest in this subject. You did a fantastic job on these great guides!"

Grab Your Copy Right Now And The Free Ebook Bonus And Get Started Immediately! Instant Download Only $19.97

There are no shipping costs or taxes on this item. Your credit card information is safely encrypted by ClickBank and then destroyed after the transaction. None of your personal information will ever be shared or used for any purpose. The 60 day money back guarantee is enforced by ClickBank.

P.S. Just to re ure you about our refund policy, click here to read Clickbank’s refund policy. We use Clickbank to sell our products to ensure 100% safety, and to provide you the urance needed when making purchases online.

P.P.S: To be 100% honest, I’ve never had one single refund. So you see, there is no reason to not take advantage of this offer NOW!!!

Purchase Comes With Complete And Easy Instructions For Fast And Easy Download and Guaranteed Email Support.

Testimonial I bought your ebook yesterday and read it from cover to cover. I am even more excited now about building my koi pond than ever. The detailed information gave me a thorough list of what I will need, plus the best way to build it. Thanks again. Alan Thomson, California

Easy Koi Fish Ponds Home Page Contact Us – Privacy Policy/Disclaimer – Site Map – Check Out The Blog – Affiliate Program Read more…

Download Boa Care Made Easy

Download Boa Care Made Easy
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You are about to discover the must have knowledge about boas that most snake owners unfortunately will never know!

If you own a Boa, or you’re thinking about getting one, then this may be the most import information you read all week!

Why? Because you’re about to embark on a fun and rewarding experience that can enrich your life in many ways! Did you know that boa constrictors are fast becoming one of the most popular snakes in captivity? There are many reasons why this is the case, as you’ll soon discover.

Boas are truly a magical pet. But, they are also very sensitive and require highly specialized care! It’s a sad fact that many Boas die young simply because their owner didn’t take the time to learn how to care for them. There are many little details you MUST know if you want your Boa to live to his maximum lifespan.

For instance, did you know that certain types of wood sometimes used in vivariums can be harmful to your Boa? Did you also know that Boas can be very sensitive to certain types of germs and can easily catch certain diseses if not handled properly? These are just two little-known facts that most Boa owners have never learned.

And it’s not your fault, believe me! The problem is not a lack of information on Boas. The problem is that you’ve most likely been told the wrong information.

Now, I’ve heard some WILD claims that pet stores actually want your Boa to die young. This way, they make more money when you come back to buy a new Boa. Personally, I don’t think it’s that extreme. But, I do think there is a problem with the information you get from pet store clerks about Boas. And it’s not because they want your Boa to die! It’s because they are simply not as knowledeable about the Boa as they think they are. So, they often give you the wrong information, without even knowing it.

This is really too bad, because it’s the small details that can make a HUGE difference in your Boa’s life. Believe me, I know. I’ve been keeping snakes for over 25 years! I’ve even travelled to Austrialia and Africa to observe Snakes in their natural habitat! Snakes in general are a p ion of mine, and Boas a real p ion, and I know that I’ll be caring for them for the rest of my life.

When I started doing my own research on Boas many years ago, I began to discover the enormous amount of flat-out inaccurate information out there. It was really quite troubling. Even books from my local bookstore seemed to give bad — and often conflicting – ‘advice’. I had already been keepings snakes for many years, so I knew the difference between good information and fluff!

So, I performed an experiment. I took 3 days off and travelled to 5 different pet stores in my area (Cornwall, UK) pretending like I was interested in a buying another Boa. I literally GRILLED the sales clerks about every aspect of owning and raising Boas.

I found that most of the time, their answers were average in quality — but far too vague. In fact, these clerks tended to leave out crucial details that make a big difference to Boa health.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Over the course of 4 months, I compiled all my tips and secrets into a concise, step-by-step manual on caring for Boas. It’s called:

Even if you’re a total beginner and haven’t got a clue where to start, you can become a Boa expert in a matter of hours simply by reading my manual!

The right type of diet to start your baby Boa out on (not doing this can cause digestive and nutritional problems later in life).

A full chapter on how to buy your Boa, including a complete checklist of things to look for when choosing your Boa, and what questions you NEED to be asking the pet store.

A complete guide to Boa enclosures, what type are best, what to avoid, and how you can set them up safely and securely.

What types of substrate you should use, and how to avoid ‘impacted guts’ and other digestive problems from using the wrong ones!

How to make sure your boa gets the right amount of heat (and also how to avoid burns – one of the most commons causes of injury with captive boas)

Feeding techniques for getting your boa to eat defrosted food, and what to do if your boa refuses to eat.

An entire chapter on Boa health issues… What the symptoms are of the most common boa ailments (problems some keepers don’t even realise their snakes have!), how to prevent… Read more…

Cat Spraying No More – How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox!

Cat Spraying No More - How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox!
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It can be upsetting and stressful for you, and can become incredibly expensive if you’re forced to continually clean carpets and floors, or replace furniture.

Many cat owners mistakenly believe that the problem will eventually go away… Others give up in frustration and are forced to give their cat away, or worse…

Today, Timmy is a happy, contented and well-trained cat who hasn’t peed outside the litter box in 3 years.

I can leave my house for hours, and give him the run of every room with 100% confidence that he will NEVER pee anywhere other than his litter box.

Since 2009 I’ve been working as a Veterinary Technician for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Back in 2011, a colleague of mine brought in a skinny little tabby cat who had been found with 6 other cats in an empty house.

The owner’s home had been foreclosed due to him losing his job and not being able to keep up the repayments.

Eventually, the cats were discovered when the realtor entered the home, days after the owner had left.

He immediately called us to come and help. It was clear straightaway that the cats were fortunate to be still alive. They were suffering from severe malnutrition, and there was pee and poop all over the house.

I instantly fell in love with the smallest one. He was very unwell and close to death when he was rescued. 

Not having a pet at the time, I asked that I be allowed to take him home, which my bosses allowed me to do once he was well enough.

He would pee on the furniture, in the corner of the kitchen, on the bed, on my clothes – anywhere but the litter box, in fact!

I was constantly cleaning the house, wiping up pee, washing my clothes and buying new cushions and bed linen.

I got chatting to a girl named Laura, one of our cat behaviour specialists at work, who gave me a really weird but unbelievably effective trick that she said would encourage Timmy to start peeing in the litter box.

After that I spoke with Laura again who suggested some more techniques – which I put into action as soon as I returned home.

And this time, they solved the problem completely, by not only encouraging Timmy to pee in the litter box, but by discouraging him from peeing anywhere else.

After seeing how well it worked, I wanted to share the same techniques I used with others. So I wrote down everything I’d learned in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide, complete with illustrations!

And then I started handing out my guide to clients, friends and anyone else I knew who were experiencing similar problems with their cats – and all of them reported back to me with INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

In fact, the techniques revealed in my manual were 100% EFFECTIVE for every person who used them on their cats. And after seeing just how successful my system was, I created this website so that I could start teaching these techniques to cat owners right across the world – hundreds and thousands of people just like you, who have all achieved amazing results for their cats. AND SO CAN YOU! INTRODUCING…

So, you’ve seen the proof that Cat Spraying No More? works, regardless of how old your cat is, what it’s been through, or how long it’s been peeing and spraying in inappropriate places!

Well, before I answer that, you mustn’t think of this as a cost at all. You’re not spending money here.

After all, just think how much money you’ll be able to save over the course of your cat’s life when you’re not having to buy cleaning products every week to wipe up all the mess.

Think about the money you’ll save on clothes, rugs, carpets, cushions, furniture and anything else that, after today, you WON’T have to throw out and replace thanks to these techniques.

And that’s not to mention how much easier your life will be when your cat is peeing INSIDE the litter box, and nowhere else.

How much would you pay for a series of PROVEN TECHNIQUES that will ensure that your cat never again pees outside the litter box?

How much would you pay to finally say goodbye to the worry, stress and embarr ment of a cat that pees in inappropriate places all over the house – and of course, that horrible smell you know so well?!

I know I would have paid much more to achieve the kind of instant results that I got with my cat Timmy after putting these exact same techniques into practice.

I know EXACTLY what it’s like to suffer the worry… Read more…

Fast Skunk Smell Removal Instructions

Fast Skunk Smell Removal Instructions
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In A Hurry to Remove the Skunk Smell? Click on the on below to go to our Secure Order Form to Download My Skunk Smell Removal Guide.

It can take up to two FULL WEEKS for the skunk smell to go away untreated and humid or wet days can re-activate the skunk odor

What to do after you realize your pet has been sprayed by a skunk. Failure to do this step can make the skunk smell even worse and can even cause it to spread!

Make the mistake of brining your sprayed pet inside your house? Learn how to get the inside of your house Skunk Odor Free quickly and easily!

Simple easy-to-follow instructions to have your pet smelling better than before they even got sprayed by the skunk.

A commonly overlooked step revealed in Skunk Odor removal that is left out of 90% of the top skunk odor removal resources.

Detailed information on keeping and preventing skunks from ever coming near your pets or house again.

Run over a skunk in your car? Learn how to remove the embarr ing skunk smell, and no a car wash doesn’t work.

Methods no one should ever use to remove skunk odor. You’d be surprised at the dangerous methods and lack of instructions people are spreading around blogs and forums on removing skunk odor. Some of these methods cause permanent bleaching and even blindness! Read more…

Westie Training – Are You Mad About Westies

Westie Training - Are You Mad About Westies
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" Discover Secrets in Under 5 Minutes of How To Train Your Westie To Be The Happiest, Healthiest And Most Well Behaved Dog On The Block"

" You Deserve To Have This Priceless Package Of Unique West Highland Terrier Information Which Has Been Gathered Together In One Place To Save You Time And Headaches. Learn The Correct Questions To Ask A Westie Breeder Which Could SAVE YOU $800 "

Being a loving owner of a West Highland terrier myself, I had many questions which ranged from breeding, what breeder to choose and to how to pick a puppy. Then as my Westie grew; the questions now ranged from how best to keep him healthy and well behaved, to the proper diet, exercise and health issues that are particular to the West Highland Terrier.

I spent several months compiling the answer to all my questions and now I am going to share them all in the special downloadable package called "Mad About Westies Premium Package!" which has been specifically written for Westie owners and those people who are seriously considering buying one of these fabulous dogs.

And if you’re a West Highland Terrier lover who wants to have the happiest, healthiest, and most well behaved Westie you’ve ever dreamed of. then this is definitely for you.

This new and revised package covers everything there is to know about West Highland Terriers. It’s brings together 3 separate unique guides called "Mad About Westies!", PLUS " Interview With A Westie Breeder" and " Touched By A Westie"

Jeff, I have read all of the material and I must say, I really wish we’d had all of this information when we got our three. There is such a wealth of info I think the whole package is priceless for the amount of information that you glean from it.

Even after having had our babies for almost a year now I still learned so much from it. And the web pages section was great! I chose a few at random and found them to be informative, touching, funny … I really can’t say enough about this package.

Or at the library. Or even on the Internet. In fact, it’s like no other dog guide you’ve ever seen before.

"Mad About Westies! Premium Package" (downloadable) is like getting a back-stage p to the real world of West Highland Terriers

My Westie has given me so much joy! Your guide has helped me make the world more understandable for him! We are training each other!

I found yours very informative and more detailed than many other books which I bought. I always want to keep my pets to their best and found one of yours to be the best.

As a p ionate Westie owner myself, I thought I knew most fundamentals about these dogs but I was wrong!

If you are a Westie owner you must buy this guide today. It’s beautifully written and you will learn an enormous amount about these wonderful dogs!

A wonderful non-physical and effective correction tool YOU can use for undesirable behavior… You’ll never guess this one. (Page 81)

The right kind of food that’s best for Westies! (not all dogs are the same…and they shouldn’t all eat the same food. This could make a huge difference in your Westie’s health and vitality!)

The one thing you should never do with your Westie … This can lead to health and behaviour problems.

How to make sure a Westie is the right dog for you and your family BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money!

Here are just a few of the things you will learn from this special downloadable report compiled from a Reputable Westie Breeder of over 17 years. ( Value – $37.00)

You’ll read some fabulous stories in Touched By a Westie downloadable book such as: ( Value – $17.00)

Jeff, Mad About Westies is a work well done. It is organized in a manner that makes it a great reference book. You’ve covered all the bases. Interview With A Westie Breeder is another fine piece of work. You found a breeder worthy of trust. The questions and answers were textbook in nature that gives every prospective Westie buyer all he needs to know in his search for the right dog. Bob Boyd Newport, Oregon, USA

Well done on your guide. You seem to have covered every angle. I have 3 demanding little white friends to keep me busy. Not sure if you know but we got another Westie at Christmas. I called him Dougal. Proper little character.

The love for Westies extends to many countries. It crosses many borders and nationalities. See the sincere affection generated in sites stretching from the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Holland to Chile, Japan, Russia and Sweden plus other countries.

Remember that this *exclusive* report (it’s not available anywhere else… Read more…

Golden Retriever eBook

Golden Retriever eBook
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If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you’ve read all day. Here’s why…

You can order this amazing guide right now and actually start discovering all about your next dog within 30 seconds… yes, that is right… WITHIN 30 SECONDS!!!

Like I said earlier, you can place your order right now and start benefiting from this entire system 30 seconds later.

Just click one of the blue links (like this one: order now) and you’ll be taken to my 100% secure order page.

As soon as your order is processed (takes about 45 seconds), you’ll be taken to the "Download Page" where you can instantly download the entire manual (pdf format)

I decided to make this guide, available to you as a downloadable ebook directly accessible from the Internet.

This way I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone. This way I can p along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win. But don’t worry, downloading the information is a real snap. I’m no "techno whiz" and I had no problem (it works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.)

Also, I’m offering it at this low price because this entire "internet sale" is part of a marketing test I’m trying out.

You heard me correctly. This amazing guide is guaranteed to work for you. And I stand behind it 100%. Test drive it for 60 days.

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

You have 60 full days to put it to work for you, and you either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free. Wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

So, click here and get your discounted copy of "The Ultimate Golden Retriever Hand Book" right now. You have absolutely no risk…and everything to gain! Read more…

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