How To Grow Herbs and Veggies in your Small Kitchen Garden

How To Grow Herbs and Veggies in your Small Kitchen Garden
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Attention Chefs and Home Gardeners: Do you want your own private kitchen garden but don’t think you have the space or green thumb…

Are you struggling with trying to grow fresh herbs and veggies in a small space but no matter what you plant and no matter how much love and attention you give your seedlings… they simply wither up and die?

You know, for years I too struggled with growing my own personal garden with what limited space I had. Whether my kitchen garden didn’t have enough sun or would simply get moved around the kitchen or patio – it seemed nothing I tried would ever really keep my garden growing.

Sure there were always the small sprouts that would come up – and I would get so excited to see some growing action in my tiny space. But then, as it always happened, as I’m sure you can attest, the sprouts simply withered up and died.

But I persevered! I continued to apply different methods and grow strategies to fit my accommodations and feed my family the freshest produce within 10 feet of my kitchen sink.

- – a 137 page indoor gardening manual packed with some of the tips and tricks used by the horticulture industry to really get their gardens, plants, shrubs and flowers to grow at enormous rates!

The front cover of the “Hot To Grow Herbs and Veggies in Small Spaces” includes a couple of photos right on the cover to give you an idea of how the pros keep it growing in their limited space gardens.

But being able to produce the finest meals with fresh grown herbs right from your kitchen garden! This is what this first bonus book can is about – “knowing which are the easiest herbs to grow” and in what foods they are fantastic in!

This is one of the newest of John’s books on gardening and he thought it should be a feebie before his publisher told him to take ti to print. So – with every order of “How To Grow Herbs & Veggies in Small Spaces” comes another free bonus book.

In this bonus book there are two great real life examples of growing herbs and vegetables in containers in small spaces. The first is at my place where I have a herb and veggie kitchen garden (just outside John’s kitchen) where he used a wide range of containers from wall planters and wall troughs to large plastic plant pots on the ground to utilize every bit of my small space. He even had plants growing on a wall!

The second real life example in the book is about how to grow plants in self watering pots as a patio container gardening example. As well as loaded with heaps of explanatory photos this bonus book also provides a lot of “how to” gardening tips.

In my twenty (20) years of working as a Horticulturalist I’ve written literally hundreds of small books and articles on how to grow veggies, herbs, fruit and other plants all over the world but never really put it into one concise volume… that is until now.

“How To Grow Herbs & Veggies in Small Spaces” is my first gardening manual in print and the three bonus books are soon to follow! I urged my publisher to let me try marketing on the Internet to see the response and so far its been phenomenal!

But, my publisher is a stickler for marketing and knows when to halt a programme – and the time to get this book online is running out. I know the book has been extremely successful as do my fellow gardeners and I’ve urged my publisher to let the site stay until I run sell just 500 more copies.

Fellow home gardeners – as of this writing today (October 13,2014) we are at 367 books sold in this final and last push of Internet marketing before it leaves cyberspace forever to only be sold in bookstores.

Don’t be left in the dark about how to have a great home garden – or force your family to eat another pesticide laced vegetable! I urge you to give it a try – and… if you find its not for you- I am even offering a money back, no questions asked, guarantee… here it is:

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by buying now and reading everything I have to say – this is a manual for your new life and you have absolutely everything to gain!

Join the countless number of others who have downloaded this manual and gained the added advantage you’ll need to survive this next growing season.

For me to keep providing this website and to continue to expand on its content, my publisher says I will soon have to… Read more…

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