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Bearded Dragon Care eBook - Official Website
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Table Of Contents 1 Conversion Factors & Abbreviations 4 Foreword 5 Introduction 6 Description 6 Bearded Dragon Fact Sheet 8 Bearded Dragon Biology 9 Natural Food & Habitat 9 Cl ification 9 Distribution 9 Zoology 9 Bearded Dragon Anatomy 11 Skin Shedding 12 Bearded Dragon Sexing 12 Bearded Dragons As Pets 15 Introduction 15 Is A Bearded Dragon The Right Pet For You? 15 Buying Bearded Dragons 16 Choosing A Beardie 16 Where To Buy Bearded Dragons 17 Price 18 Captive Care Environment & Vivarium Setup 19 Introduction 19 Most Important Considerations Before The Final Construction Or Purchase Of An Enclosure 19 Vivarium Size 19 Bearded Dragon Substrates 21 Bearded Dragon Heating 24 Thermometers & Thermostats 26 Photoperiod 28 Bearded Dragon Lighting 28 Vivarium Decoration / Environment Enrichment 30 Hiding 31 Outside Enclosures / Reptilliary 31 Adapting A Bearded Dragon To Its New Home 32 Adult Males 32 Size Does Matter 33 Food & Feeding Bearded Dragons 34 Crickets 35 Gr hoppers & Cockroaches 36 A Note On Mealworms 37 Other Foodstuffs 38 Greens 39 Water 41 Bearded Dragon Supplementation 42 Bearded Dragon Handling & Transportation 44 Transportation 45 Management & Routine Procedures 46 Introduction 46 Record Keeping 46 General Keeping Management 46 Bearded Dragon Behaviour 48 Bearded Dragon Health 51 Introduction 51 Stress 52 Disease 52 Endoparasites 53 Impactions 55 Nutritional Disorders 55 Eye Problems 56 Skin Problems 56 Burn Wounds & Trauma 56 Respiratory Problems 56 Winter Slumber 57 Reptile-Friendly Veterinarians 57 Routine Veterinary Visits / Preventative Medicine 57 Zoonoses 58 Bearded Dragon Sanitation & Hygiene 59 Introduction 59 Related Definitions 59 Sanitization Of The Environment 59 Sanitization For The Owner 60 Appendix A – Sizes Of Popular Commercial Vivariums 61 Commonly Used / Commercially Available Vivarium Types & Sizes 61 Appendix B – Resources 62 Commercial / Custom Herptile Vivarium Producers & Suppliers 62 Feeder Insect & Insects Related Products Suppliers 62 Herptile Friendly Veterinarians, Specialists & Rescue Centres 63 Bearded Dragon Related Resources 63 Other Related Resources 63 Glossary 64 Consulted Literature 70 Websites Consulted 71 Extra Notes 72

You won’t find The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual in any store or library. This is your one and only way to get hold of this exclusive piece of literature.

As stated above, I love to get feedback from current clients. Your question or contribution can make this manual even better for other Bearded dragon keepers out there. If there is anything you don’t understand or want to comment on, send me an email. I always get back to each and every email, you can hold me to my word.

The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual is written in a easy-to-follow, easy to understand plain English. It is intended to be easy and fun to read.

What do you expect to pay for the most valuable Bearded dragon related piece of literature you’ll come across?

The Basic Bearded Dragon is currently available for a mere $8.99 (regular price U$12.99)

Reason #1 The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual only sold in electronic format (eBook)

Apart from being available on this website only, this also means that the book will be available for download within seconds after the purchase is complete. What is more is that it can be easily stored on a computer, CD/DVD, memory stick, iPod, PSP or any other electronic storage device for easy transport. It also means that the order process is automated – you can literally be reading the full content with no h les within the next 4 minutes!

The proof is in the pudding right? What do current customers have to say about The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual? Up to date we only had positive feedback regarding the contents of the book. This is just some of the comments they left:

"When I bought my first Beardie from our local reptile-friendly pet shop, the owner never told me about proper Bearded dragon housing, Bearded dragon lighting, feeding and Bearded dragon supplementation. I suppose it was all about the money. At first Spike was okay, he/she was eating all the pet shop food I gave him/her. Later he started to eat less and less, then every second day or so. He also became more sleepy as time goes by. At first I thought all these things were normal, but after he started to loose some weight I called the pet shop owner again. He said that the Beardie was sick and that I should take it to a reptile vet.

After some tests the vet diagnosed metabolic bone disease with secondary sand impaction – something that was totally preventable with the correct husbandry – and he said that because of the severity the chances of a recovery was "grave". A few days after the diagnosis Spike died in the animal hospital, in spite of the best possible care and treatment.

I was not going to make the same mistake again so before I… Read more…

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