Bonsai Tree Care Made Easy

Bonsai Tree Care Made Easy
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I’m going to offer you something very special, that will help you grow a beautiful, sculpted bonsai tree right now… Just by signing up for my FREE mini-course. Your free 15-part email course will be sent to you over the coming month every other day as soon as you sign up.

Over the coming days I’ll reveal to you: Delivered Immediately: A FREE 22 Page Bonsai Tree Pictures Book that you can use as inspiration for future designs (see the picture to the left). Potting and Repotting: The basic techniques used to pot new and repot existing trees. Fertilizer: I’ll tell you about the best and most overlooked way of feeding your tree. Watering: How to avoid the common pitfalls of overwatering and underwatering your tree. Wiring & Sculpting: Simple techniques that are used to shape and style your bonsai for the years to come. Gardens Planning: How you can turn your backyard into a tranquil Japanese garden. Diseases: What you must look out for and how to identify any infections that can occur …and much more!

Right now I’m offering this 15-part mini-course for free. Just note, I reserve the right to take this offer down and start selling my mini-course, without any given warning. So sign up now…you’re only moments from instantly receiving a free bonsai tree pictures book and your first lesson of knowledge that will help you grow the perfect bonsai tree for years to come. (Please remember to check your spam and junk mail folder as sometimes your email gets wrongly identified) Read more…

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