Home Building Know How – Home Building Know How, full of hints and tips to help you begin your stress free home building journey today.

Home Building Know How - Home Building Know How, full of hints and tips to help you begin your stress free home building journey today.
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* AT LAST! Absolutely everything you will EVER need to know about Building a New Home (even if you’ve gone through it before)

* The New Home Builder’s Essential: All Your Questions Answered…. and more in this easy-to-follow-and-understand guide!

The Stress Free Guide that Every New Home Builder MUST Have to build your new home with confidence

“Having renovated a number of times and built a home previously I thought we had a pretty good understanding of the building process. As it turns out there was still a lot to learn.

It has been an absolute pleasure building our new home and a lot less stressful than our first “new build” experience. Sharna kept us organised and guided us through the building process.

Having now read “Home Building Know How” I wish I had had access to this great resource, before we built our first home.

Sharna knows how to make the job as stress free as possible for the owner. So if you follow her lead, you will definitely get more joy from your building experience.”

TO: All couples thinking about starting the journey to build your dream home and want to avoid the unnecessary STRESS and FRUSTRATION

From: Sharna Mills – comp ionate homeowner and designer, wife and business partner of builder Scott

Have you ever dreamed about building the perfect home. One that would be the envy of your friends, family and neighbours.

Imagine showing people through your new home, and hearing them gasp and whisper “That’s fantastic, I want that!” while you and your partner share a loving look at each other, basking in the knowledge that your new home was built in record time, under budget and with no stress! Wouldn’t that indeed be a momentous occasion???

In reality, for most, building a new home is a stressful experience ending in a home you’re not 100% happy with and a mortgage you can’t afford. OR… It remains simply a dream that you are too worried and stressed about to even start. The unknown, the questions you don’t have answers to, paralyse you from ever even starting… a dream that will never be fulfilled – an impossibility.

Imagine being so excited you have just signed your building contract NOW fast forward six months and construction hasn’t started yet (you are feeling hopeful but not so excited)

Now fast forward another 6 months and you only just have the slab down WHAT THE???? Can this builder seriously go any slower? Oh dear shouldn’t have asked that because now he is not only getting slower but they haven’t built the frame with the right window openings, the roof is the wrong colour, the brick work looks angrier than your Mother in Law and the Tiler has just installed the kitchen splashback Italian handmade gl feature tiles in the laundry GRRRRRR!!.

Surely the pain will stop now and it will be all smooth sailing until the end of the build and you can move in by Christmas with all your family and friends enjoying the day on your new deck ….. NOPE Christmas has been and gone, the timber flooring is the wrong species, there isn’t enough room to install your dream free standing bath in your ensuite and the builder just says “Sorry can’t be done go pick a normal bath 1500 long” … You are 6ft tall and cannot lay down in a 1500 long bath and soak your troubles away (at this point the bath had better be filled with champagne to soak away this many troubles)

Then you did it – You asked “What else could possibly go wrong?” The appliances have been stolen from site and to top it off the builder disappears for 6 weeks – there is no one on site, you keep checking each day and as each day p es you feel like this is never going to end. Paying the rent and the increasing mortgage with no progress is causing you financial strain and putting additional strain on your relationship with your partner.

The carpet you have picked at the beginning of the build has now been discontinued because the build has taken that long, you are OVER IT!!!! You just pick any carpet, You Just Don’t Care Anymore. Your Dream Home has just become YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!!

The time has come for your pre hand over inspection you are filled with joy, excitement and the anticipation of seeing all your selections coming together in your dream home……

You walk through the front door and you are so excited you almost miss the first warning sign the window architraves have a gap you could drive a semi through in each corner. You enter the bathroom and you feel like your eyes are… Read more…

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