Home Based Business Owner – Dave Espino, author of Beyond eBay and Auctions For Income

Home Based Business Owner - Dave Espino, author of Beyond eBay and Auctions For Income
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(Imagine selling out of your entire eBay product inventory by simply sending ONE EMAIL? I’ve done this over and over again… Let me show you how to do this for your eBay business…)

Most people know me as the eBay Powerseller who was featured in “Auctions For Income” the successful eBay infomercial that aired on major cable TV stations and was seen by millions of Americans.

What a lot of people don’t know is that, prior to being “discovered” and asked to appear in that infomercial, I was quietly making up to $15,000 a week on eBay using one extremely powerful strategy.

It was a revolutionary “hybrid” eBay strategy that literally transformed my eBay business overnight…

Transform my single-purchase eBay customers into ongoing, repeat customers (some of which went on to happily spend thousands of dollars with me)

Pump my auction prices higher by sending a FLOOD of crazed bidders to my auctions (this applied to ALL of my auction items)

It was such a breakthrough strategy that I wrote my very first eBook, “Beyond eBay” back in 2000 explaining how to do it. (and that little eBook became a top seller, selling more than 300,000 copies)

However, for a few years I was no longer able to teach this Beyond eBay strategy because the technology that made the strategy possible (back then) changed… and for several years there just was no way to implement it.

Well, fortunately for me and you, I recently discovered a NEW way to implement this powerful strategy and today, you now have the opportunity to receive all the powerful “Beyond eBay” benefits and do it more easily and more quickly than ever before!

As you know, the word “Hybrid” just means a great combination of two or more distinct elements.

Well, in this hybrid strategy, we are going to combine the awesome power of eBay (to generate new, first-time customers) with another super-powerful strategy – email marketing.

That’s right, we are going to create an email list of your eBay customers and then you are going to be able to easily email them (all in one shot) to let them know that you have listed new, related items on eBay – each time you list.

Once you’ve created your list, (following the simple steps that I lay out for you in these videos) you can now:

Send your eBay customers to YOUR OWN WEBSITE, (where they can buy from you over and over again) without you incurring eBay fees

Believe me, this strategy looks almost TOO SIMPLE… (and it is easy to do) but oh, how POWERFUL it is!

Take a look at this “BEFORE and AFTER” split screen shot I took several years ago when I was comparing what a HUGE difference this strategy made…

As you can see, this screen shot shows the radical difference between my auction listings BEFORE, (in one 26 1/2 hour period – let’s call it one day) just before I sent out an email notifying my customers about my latest eBay listings.

Then, the screen shot on the right shows the same auction listings AFTER – just 26 1/2 hours later. (and this was done in the middle of the week, not at the end of the listings! In that right side screen shot, notice:

The increases in number of bids – from 25 bids to 69 bids! (a 176% increase in ONE DAY!)

The increases in number of “watchers” – from 64 to 163 watchers! (a 154% increase in ONE DAY!)

The increases in total bid amounts – from $122.12 to $816.04 (a 568% increase in CASH, in ONE DAY!)

These one day increases are amazing, aren’t they? And these one day increases are just one example of how powerful this strategy can be, for you and your eBay business!

Before I started using the Beyond eBay strategy, I was selling vintage Hot Wheels cars out of a collectible toy store.

I had rented a small display case there and the store would sell my vintage Hot Wheels cars, on consignment.

Each month, they gave me a check – which consisted of my sales for the month, minus my rent and their sales commissions… And I was making about $1,200 a month on a very part-time basis.

When I started selling on eBay, the sheer power of eBay allowed me to use the same efforts to make $1,200 per week, instantly. (because I was already good at sourcing these cars…)

Once I began implementing the Beyond eBay strategy, my sales skyrocketed to a high of $12,000 PER WEEK!

With the Beyond eBay strategy, I could now buy a collection of vintage Hot Wheels cars in the morning, list those cars on my website and send… Read more…

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