Dog Treat Recipes – Dog Food Recipes – Dog Treats

Dog Treat Recipes - Dog Food Recipes - Dog Treats
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You Will Never Need to Search The Internet Ever Again to Find Another Dog Treat Recipe. You Can Start Spending More Time With Your Dog NOW!

Do those big brown puppy dog eyes of his cry out for change every time you open another can of horsemeat and gristle?

Throughout the week does your dog get neglected while you’re slaving away at the office and now you want to treat your dog to something better than he has ever had in his life, just to say "You’re a Good Dog"?

I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for the free dog treat recipes. I hurried home to make some the same evening. I was completely amused by watching my German Shepherd, Jake, sit with his chin resting on the kitchen table. He was watching the batch of "cookies" cool. They were the ones with peanut er. Now when he sees the storage bag with the cookies, he starts to drool. I can not seem to stop finding humor in his behavior. He loves them, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a recipe to keep my child happy."

He’s there when you need a re uring kiss, to warm your tootsies under the covers on those cold winter nights, and to just generally spend every waking moment by your side.

You may never have taken him to a doggie day spa (too prissy), doggie day care (too many other dogs), or even had a doggie walker (too impersonal), but now’s the chance to put on your tallest chef hat, lace up that apron, and get to work on some of the best doggie cuising you’ve ever seen.

180 Delicious Gourmet Dog Treat Recipes that will bring e and variety to your dog’s diet. Treats that will bribe your dog to do anything you ask of him (in fact he’ll truly be your BEST FRIEND when he sees what your cooking up for him).

Recipes that will tantalize his taste buds and fill that black hole of a stomach so that after enjoying that scrumtptious meal that you cooked for him, he will roll up in a contented ball and sleep dreams that puppies dream of…

"It’s almost crazy how many recipes are in this book. Most dog food cookbooks just cover one segment of the food, like cookies and treats or plain old food. This one has everything from appetizers to dessert! It’s great. The instructions are also very easy to follow."

They have ingredients like lamb and rice or duck and potato – better food than you have for dinner, but price really comes from the packagaging. You can easily create healthy, helpful cuisine for your dog in your own kitchen.

Here is just a fraction of what is included in this Dog Lover’s Dream Recipe package of ebooks….

What Not to Feed Your Dog – We’ve all heard of Chocolate, bud did you know there are some that are definite no no.

With just 7 ingredients which everybody has in their cupboard you can make a variety of fantastic tasting treats that can be stored for months.

6 "Healing Canine Cure" Recipes – Let your dog eat their way to feeling on top of the world again.

50 "International" Recipes – I guarantee that your dog will never have tasted anything like these fantastic foods.

Prepare a cool treat, excellent for a summers day but even better to cure your dog’s of bad breath.

10 Delicious Cookie Recipes – Your dog is not the only one to enjoy these wonderful cookies.

13 Dynamic Desserts – After dinner or anytime you think your dog needs something extra special.

9 Special Hygiene Recipes – Is that broccoli in your dog’s teeth or are you just bad at brushing?

As you can see, Mya really enjoyed the cake for her 2nd birthday! I made it into cupcakes so she can enjoy it longer.

Thank you so much for the dog treat recipes. I plan on using it again, most likely for her 3rd birthday because she love it so much.

"I would never think you could come up with this many recipes for dogs! The health and first aid treatments are really practical and helpful, and I love the fact that I can make a lot of these recipes and share them with my dogs. At first I thought it wasn’t worth the time to bake treats for my dog, but if I get to have a cookie, too — well, that’s worth it."

Preparation and Cooking Times – Know exactly how much time you need to cook these dog treat recipes.

Complete Ingredients List – You’ll know straight away exactly what and how much you’ll need of each ingredient necessary.

Step-by-Step Preparation and Cooking Instructions… Read more…

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