Successful Home Gardening – Fruit & Vegetables Home Gardening

Successful Home Gardening - Fruit & Vegetables Home Gardening
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Beautifully illustrated in full color, 155 pages from a leading authority detailing the ultimate home gardening system of fruit and vegetable production.

Gardening is no fun if you fail, but if you can grow gigantic crops of delicious vegetables and fruit it is an extremely satisfying experience. You do not need to suffer through a trial-and-error approach to learn how to grow a garden thanks to my recently updated book, Successful Home Gardening (2nd Edition).

Avoid all the mistakes of a beginner! I’m giving you the chance to spy on an expert professional with decades of practical experience and lots of home gardening ‘common sense’ that isn’t so common to new gardeners. I’ve included all of the easiest tried-and-true steps to approach every task in your own home garden. With my state of the art methods and strategies, you can do it all the right way from the beginning!

No matter how black your thumb has been, it will be green for the rest of your life if you read and apply these home gardening methods. You will be able to grow everything from tomatoes to roses, from a large delicious strawberry to a gigantic watermelon. You will have the most abundant delicious garden in town.

This book is a step-by-step approach written for gardeners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

This new edition is filled with over 200 illustrations, most in full color, and understandable explanations about every aspect of growing vegetable and fruit crops.

Many other gardening systems cost lots of money and take lots of time. I’m a firm believer that instead, a garden should save hundreds of dollars a month in groceries and provide the best tasting food you’ve ever eaten!

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The original "Successful Home Gardening", written over thirty-five years ago, was used as a textbook at Cal Poly and other colleges and universities, yet this second edition is so simple and understandably written that even the ‘greenest’ the beginners will know exactly how to do everything in their own home garden.

It is 30% larger than the original, updated, in full color, filled with over 200 illustrations and gives understandable explanations about every aspect of growing food. It is the most complete home garden system on the market.

There are many gardening books which claim “amazing hidden secrets revealed” and “too good to be true” results. They are filled with expensive, time consuming gimmicks. Unfortunately, these gigantic claims are often untrue, or if true, are things that anyone with a good education in plant science and/or a lot of practical experience already knows.

"Successful Home Gardening" is a book written by someone with a Master of Science degree from the University of California, Davis, who also has a lot of common sense and years of practical in-the-garden experience experimenting with all kinds of crops and strategies.

WATCH OUT for books which tell you that “six inches of good organic soil” is all you need to grow a great crop of vegetables or that you don’t need proper nutrition or correct watering methods. The world would starve to death if everyone followed the advice of such poor gardeners. Claims need to be based on scientific principles and not voodoo gimmicks.

It isn’t “magic” that makes plants grow better, but the application of correct scientific principles, described in simple understandable ways, which is what you’ll find in this book. No gimmicks, just sound, correct principles and practical methods that solve your home gardening problems.

Some examples of specific crops discussed in detail in this book are melons, tomatoes and strawberries.

Do you think fantastic watermelons are hard to grow? Not so! In a few easy to understand pages you will learn all of the basic principles and specific methods you need to know to grow delicious gigantic watermelons every time! Does 267 lbs. seem like a lot of tomatoes from one picking off ten plants? Not if you know the information explained in the tomato pages of "Successful Home Gardening"! You will get fabulous crops of tomatoes.

Do you want to grow 25 tons of strawberries per acre? (Average yield of commercial growers in California) You just need to understand and follow the principles and methods explained in this book! The best varieties of the basic vegetables and berries are given in this 2nd edition of "Successful Home Gardening".

"’Successful Home Gardening’" is a simple, easy to understand resource for home gardeners. Wells gives an overview of soil requirements, watering requirements, pests and… Read more…

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