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This will do more than blow your socks off! What I’m going to tell you are some things that may worry you day in and day out.

None Of This Information Is Worth A Pile Of Poop Unless You Have A Trustworthy Approach for How To Grow Your Own Abundant, Nutritious, Healthy Food.

I’ve been working the soil for produce for more than half my life… and I have a fair amount of grey hair to prove it! When I first started gardening I did it for the pure joy of watching plants grow. That, in and of its self was good enough for a while. But what changed my life were the benefits of personal achievement (productive garden) and (most importantly) a healthier lifestyle.

The most vital skill you can learn is growing your own food. Successful home gardening can arm you with the power to control your health by controlling what you eat. Successful home gardening can arm you with the power to make a significant difference in your life and the life of your family and those you love. The difference is about wellbeing and good health.

I want to emphasize the last part of that section; “The difference is about wellbeing and good health”…

The part that really gets my attention is the part that says, “the most vital skill you can learn.“

Successful home gardening can arm you with the power to make a significant difference in your life and the life of your family and those you love.

I have been thinking long and hard about that phrase. And I have come to believe it’s emphatically true. If you can combine the energy and desire you have along with the skill of growing your own food then boomshackalacka… you got something extraordinary! Not to mention bragging rights!!!

The average family of four spends anywhere between $8000-$15,000 each year in groceries? It may be convenient but that’s about it! That’s a high price for convenience wouldn’t you say? But the price is even higher. It will cost you even more than money. Because eating what you can’t control can cost you the most important thing you have.

You know the old saying? “If you have your health you have everything.” Losing your health is to lose it all!  

I’ve been working on this problem for decades. I’ve learned through many years of trial and error. I’ve been through the school of hard knocks and finally graduated first in my cl !

What I Learned Shocked Me Into Reality! Literally Growing Your Own Food for Wellbeing and Good Health is Always Done the Same Way. Every Successful Gardener Growing for Good Health and Wellbeing Uses the Exact Same Formula. And They Always Grow to overflowing… Every time!!

It’s true! There is a “garden secret” used by virtually all successful gardeners. It works every time! It never fails! It works time after time after time. But most gardeners are like fishermen. They are more than happy to show you their big catch but less likely to tell you where their secret fishing hole is.

And I’m not just talking about tomatoes. The “garden secret” will increase your productivity of anything you grow in the garden for sure. And, most importantly, it will overflow with nutritious, healthy food. 

Everyone dreams of growing their own healthy food! And that may seem like just a dream right now. But if you can just have 1.) Confidence, and 2.) Know how plants grow, then gardening will be a cinch!

My book can help you turn your dreams into reality. There is absolutely no limit in what you can do in the garden, there really isn’t. If you can have confidence and know how plants grow then you can garden successfully!

My eBook now available for purchase in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for only $9.95. Just click the link below for immediate download of Grow It! in pdf format. Download will take just a few minutes. Read more…

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