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Westie Training - Are You Mad About Westies
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" Discover Secrets in Under 5 Minutes of How To Train Your Westie To Be The Happiest, Healthiest And Most Well Behaved Dog On The Block"

" You Deserve To Have This Priceless Package Of Unique West Highland Terrier Information Which Has Been Gathered Together In One Place To Save You Time And Headaches. Learn The Correct Questions To Ask A Westie Breeder Which Could SAVE YOU $800 "

Being a loving owner of a West Highland terrier myself, I had many questions which ranged from breeding, what breeder to choose and to how to pick a puppy. Then as my Westie grew; the questions now ranged from how best to keep him healthy and well behaved, to the proper diet, exercise and health issues that are particular to the West Highland Terrier.

I spent several months compiling the answer to all my questions and now I am going to share them all in the special downloadable package called "Mad About Westies Premium Package!" which has been specifically written for Westie owners and those people who are seriously considering buying one of these fabulous dogs.

And if you’re a West Highland Terrier lover who wants to have the happiest, healthiest, and most well behaved Westie you’ve ever dreamed of. then this is definitely for you.

This new and revised package covers everything there is to know about West Highland Terriers. It’s brings together 3 separate unique guides called "Mad About Westies!", PLUS " Interview With A Westie Breeder" and " Touched By A Westie"

Jeff, I have read all of the material and I must say, I really wish we’d had all of this information when we got our three. There is such a wealth of info I think the whole package is priceless for the amount of information that you glean from it.

Even after having had our babies for almost a year now I still learned so much from it. And the web pages section was great! I chose a few at random and found them to be informative, touching, funny … I really can’t say enough about this package.

Or at the library. Or even on the Internet. In fact, it’s like no other dog guide you’ve ever seen before.

"Mad About Westies! Premium Package" (downloadable) is like getting a back-stage p to the real world of West Highland Terriers

My Westie has given me so much joy! Your guide has helped me make the world more understandable for him! We are training each other!

I found yours very informative and more detailed than many other books which I bought. I always want to keep my pets to their best and found one of yours to be the best.

As a p ionate Westie owner myself, I thought I knew most fundamentals about these dogs but I was wrong!

If you are a Westie owner you must buy this guide today. It’s beautifully written and you will learn an enormous amount about these wonderful dogs!

A wonderful non-physical and effective correction tool YOU can use for undesirable behavior… You’ll never guess this one. (Page 81)

The right kind of food that’s best for Westies! (not all dogs are the same…and they shouldn’t all eat the same food. This could make a huge difference in your Westie’s health and vitality!)

The one thing you should never do with your Westie … This can lead to health and behaviour problems.

How to make sure a Westie is the right dog for you and your family BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money!

Here are just a few of the things you will learn from this special downloadable report compiled from a Reputable Westie Breeder of over 17 years. ( Value – $37.00)

You’ll read some fabulous stories in Touched By a Westie downloadable book such as: ( Value – $17.00)

Jeff, Mad About Westies is a work well done. It is organized in a manner that makes it a great reference book. You’ve covered all the bases. Interview With A Westie Breeder is another fine piece of work. You found a breeder worthy of trust. The questions and answers were textbook in nature that gives every prospective Westie buyer all he needs to know in his search for the right dog. Bob Boyd Newport, Oregon, USA

Well done on your guide. You seem to have covered every angle. I have 3 demanding little white friends to keep me busy. Not sure if you know but we got another Westie at Christmas. I called him Dougal. Proper little character.

The love for Westies extends to many countries. It crosses many borders and nationalities. See the sincere affection generated in sites stretching from the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Holland to Chile, Japan, Russia and Sweden plus other countries.

Remember that this *exclusive* report (it’s not available anywhere else… Read more…

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