Hydroponics 101 – Hydroponics for Beginners

Hydroponics 101 - Hydroponics for Beginners
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Have you ever heard of Hydroponics? It is a is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. It might surprise you, but plants actually don’t soil to grow. All they need are nutrients, some sunlight and water.

This book takes every problem ever encountered by hydroponic growers and gives you a simple, straight forward solution. You will not spend years, months or even weeks trying to perfect your technique because everything you need is included in:

I should know – I spent years trying to perfect a system that would give me the awesome results I craved and KNEW were possible.  All I wanted were juicy, fresh vegetables that did not cost me a fortune.

Even though hydroponics is scientifically proven to be the best way ever found for producing awesome herbs and vegetables – it can be a little daunting to start with. Unless you have the right guidance.

If you are just getting into hydroponic gardening, you may be experiencing a few problems. Even if you have been experimenting for awhile, some of these problems may still haunt you.

Things like choosing the right growing medium, which light to choose, pH problems, algae, fungi, pests, mould. At first it can be overwhelming. You may even be thinking that this is all too much trouble! Don’t worry – I have been there and experienced every problem in the book.  The frustration was enormous.  I so badly wanted to do this right but I could not get my hands on the right advice to make it possible.

I created a system that completely eliminated every road block and hurdle to growing hydroponically.

So what changed?  Two things really.  Firstly I consulted an expert in plant cultivation and disease.  This may seem a little extreme but when I do something, I make sure I do it well. This guy came to my house and in five minutes flat had identified 6 small mistakes I was making.  These tiny errors were costing me the fantastic, juicy crops I craved.  He then took me through a few of the other common errors people make just in case I encountered them.  Trust me, it was money well spent. The second thing I did was to put his advice into practice. I systematically weeded out all the little mistakes I was making – things that would not even be noticeable to a novice.  The results made me so happy that I started wanting to help others to achieve the full potential of this amazing growing method. I wanted to give others the guidance I needed when I first started out.

I consider myself a novice in the world of gardening and hydroponics. My journey began in March 2012 when my 9 year old daughter said she would like to grow a garden outside this summer. So we went to the garden store and I let her pick out some seeds; I grabbed some as well.

We started our plants indoors and in June 2012, we transplanted our starters. I quickly became engrossed with the project and fascinated by the growth we had. I watched many YouTube videos to learn more about gardening and came across some videos about hydroponics and was intrigued.

I built a deep water culture system and tried to grow peppers and tomatoes. Most of my plants died or barely grew at all. Frustrated with my progress, I started looking for help. I found a local store who sold hydroponic supplies and he told me that my problem was my water temperature. I found him to be helpful but I was growing fruits and vegetables and he specialized in only one crop which was very different from mine.

If you recall we had a very hot summer in 2012. I tried many things to keep my basin below 82 degrees; unfortunately there was nothing I could do. I searched for help on the internet and found www.besthydroponics101.com who has given me a great deal of information. I purchased their eBook and read through it right away. I sent an email for help because I had decided to move my setup in to my ba t and wanted to do things right the first time.

I received an email back from Bjarne who is very knowledgable about hydroponics and many types of fruits and vegetables. I explained to Bjarne what I was growing and asked for help with lighting and nutrients. Bjarne has helped me to become a successful gardener.

Below I have provided some pictures of my journey. I still ask Bjarne for help to this day and he has been great. I am about to start a second crop… Read more…

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