The Akita Book – Akita dogs

The Akita Book - Akita dogs
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The best place to ensure you get a pure bred Akita is by locating a respectable breeder. If you are in the USA then contact the American Kennel club Every country has it’s own kennel club. Locating a good breeder is the way to find a pure breed. You are then however entering the moving waters of what cons utes a “real ” Akita.

An akita may have it’s first season between four to eight months but you should not breed with her until she is at least 2 years old. You wouldn’t want your 13 year old daughter to get pregnant just because she has start her periods would you? Akitas are not ually until they are 2 years old less than that and they are still puppies!

The consensus for an Akita reaching ual maturity is between four to eight months. Obviously there are always exceptions depending on the dog. If you’ve got any doubts contact a local vet. These websites may be helpful:

when is it usual for a Female Japanese Akita to first come on heat as we have a Japanese Akita and she is only 15 weeks at the moment and we are unsure when she will become on heat. If you can get back to me as soon as possible so we are sure that would be great. Thank You. Read more…

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