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Finally Revealed! After Living With Parrots For Over 25 Years And Writing Articles For Bird Talk Magazine, Under The Radar "Bird Lady" Breaks Her Silence And Finally Reveals Her Parrot Talking Strategies (That Anyone Can Follow) To Teach Parrots to Talk… No Matter What Birds You Have In Your Home… How Much Experience You Have Dealing With Birds Or Their Age!

Inside The ‘Elite Parrots Club’ You Can Learn How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk; How To Teach Your Parrot To Fly; How To Make Your Parrot Perform Any Tricks "On Command"; And The Bird Training Secrets To Quickly Stop Your Parrot From Biting, Screaming and Feather Plucking!

No matter your parrot’s personality, or how old he is, we promise to "take your parrot by the hand" and transform your parrot into the happiest, healthiest and most loving bird that you have ever dreamed of! Forget reading other boring parrot training manuals! By the time you fully watch the parrot talking videos inside, you’ll know more about teaching your parrot to speak than most of the so called "pros"…

Inside the Elite Parrots Club you get step-by-step online streaming videos about teaching your parrot to talk; and professional one-on-one coaching advice from the "Bird Lady" regarding your parrots…

Reason #1: She has owned parrots for over 30 years! Beginning with a budgie, then a atiel who was tame and talked, and a sun conure!

Reason #2: In 1982 she found Bird Talk magazine and later her input to Bird Talk magazine was published on several occasions!

Reason #3: During the last 24 years she taught many of her parrots and parrots from other owners to TALK!

Reason #4: During the last 6 years she consulted over 800 parrot owners from over 17 different countries world-wide.

Look, your friends won’t laugh. They’ll applaud you! Imagine the looks of shock and amazement in their eyes when they listen to your parrot’s ability to talk. Or imagine your JOY when you finally see a happy trained bird in your home who no longer bites you!

It’s a virtual goldmine of bird information. You can access 33 online videos and over 70 articles made for "regular bird owners" and easily "spy" on the "Bird Lady" recorded videos via streaming from any computer – including from your home or work office! In fact, here are some of the jealously guarded parrot talking secrets you can digest inside the Elite Parrots Club videos library – and its ociated articles – when you upgrade to an ELITE member today…

The amazingly simple way you must speak to your parrot to make him speak ANY word or sentence you want!

How often should you train your parrot to talk! (Note: very long sessions can prove counterproductive for your bird!)

What are the most talented parrots when it comes to speech so you can know if the parrot you’re buying will be a potential natural-talker or not… before you take him home!

How to find speech attributes commonly seen in your parrot species so that your bird actually wants to speak – making your job easy!

The #1 action you MUST pursue to ensure consistent speech training! (This is where 95% of parrot owners go wrong when teaching their birds to talk!)

Learn a super-effective, advanced technique on how to stop your parrot from saying any bad words! (Hey, perhaps former owners didn’t use very nice language!)

Parrot talking case study: How Peter Sotiriadis from Australia taught his parrot to say the word "Hello" only 15 days after he joined the Elite Parrots Club.

No matter what age your parrot is. No matter how nervous your bird behaves. I guarantee you this breakthrough Parrot Talking System can show you the pros’ secrets to start teaching your parrot to talk. You don’t even have to take my word. Here are the results from some of our members:

"Mine only said Pretty Bird and now she even whistles, I am very impressed!’ Mary TerHaar, owner of Cracker, a sun conure and Holley, a sulfer-crested atoo

"Overnight has shown new beauty, courage, and has talked to us more than ever.", Paul Higginbotham, conure owner.

"My Honduras Amazon has a vocabulary of at least 100 words. He has taken individual words and made his own sentences. Some of them are quite hilarious…" Melonie Leonard, owner of a blue-crown Honduras Amazon, Kermit and an umbrella atoo

"He has achieved a much larger vocabulary and talks on command now!" Cheryl Sterner, owner of 2 macaws, Janie and Calypso, an umbrella atoo, Koko, a Myers parrot, PJ and a sun conure, Junior

- DVDs – CDs – Bird diapers – Flight suits – Perches – Pet tents – Parrot cages – Parrot bracelets – And much more

- Amazons – Macaws – African Greys – Senegals – Conures – Quakers – Rosellas – Caiques – Pionus – Eclectus… Read more…

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