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You have been invited to trial one of our new Online Equestrian Courses! We have been developing some amazing new distance learning equine courses and are offering a discount to the first groups of students who trial these courses.

We have structured a ‘Pathway’ which you can enter anywhere along the way, with relevant courses from complete beginners to qualified professionals. Simply follow the links on this page to our new online horse courses and our new equine career pathway. Please visit our new site for news and updates.

Our courses are Centrelink* approved, which financially assist you to study full-time for up to two years while you prepare for a career in the International Equine Industry, even if you are now a complete beginner.

Of course you will have many questions and we have answered many of them below. I recommend that you take the time to find out more about our online horse courses.

If you enrol in one of our distance learning equine courses, I am sure you will enjoy your equine e learning experience with us and trust that it will lead you to learn more about horses and into a rewarding career where you can follow your passion!

Glenys :-) Glenys Cox Director – Ausintec Academy (Study Horses & Online Horse College) AHRC Level 2 Coach EFA Level 2 General Coach EFA & AHRC Examiner EFA & AHRC Coach Educator Workplace Trainer and Assessor International Level 2 Equestrian Passport Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education Master of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

For more information about your discount online horse courses simply click on one of the courses below

Check the Study Horses .com Pathway for Equine Learning to find out where you can commence your equine studies in the current Pathway.

This is a fantastic way to discover the basics about horses. You could be a complete beginner to horses, even a parent or a partner of a horse owner and just need to know a little more about how to safely care for and handle horses.

Are you a beginner horse rider, or someone who has lost confidence and would like to start again? You may be someone who can already ride, but would like to learn more about riding techniques.

Would you like to have your own horse but worried you don’t know how to care for it or ride it correctly? This course combines ‘Basic Horse Care’ and ‘Horse Riding Lessons’ so you will be prepared when that exciting day arrives that you finally have your own horse!

If you want to work in the horse industry and already have some experience with horses, this is a fantastic way to get started. You could be a High School student doing some Vocational Educational training, or someone who is looking for a new career

Would you like to take beginner horse riders out on trail safely? If you already work with horses or have substantial previous experience this could be the course for you

(Previous experience working with horses or ‘Working with Horses’ course required)

Do you want a professional qualification so you can teach people about horses and teach them how to ride safely? If you already work with horses or have previous equestrian/competition experience this could be the course for you

(Previous experience working with horses, or ‘Working with Horses’ course required, competition experience recommended)

This is a brilliant course if you would like to gain the knowledge to care for a stable of horses. Lots of common problems are covered in this course and lots of tips and tricks from experienced professionals on how to fix them. Horse Riding and Breeding are optional electives.

If you would love to teach in a specialty area of training horses and riders, this course has been designed for you. The Horse Riding Instructor qualification or equivalent is essential before enrolling in this course, so you can now focus on your specialization.

This course is ideal if you would like to turn your passion into profits! You may already have your own horse business, or would like to commence you own horse business. It takes you through the steps of taking your hobby into a money making venture

So you liked the previous course and want to take it to the next level? This course focuses on more advanced strategies of turning your hobby into a cash machine with either your own or another equine enterprise. As an added bonus, this course also gives you credit into some University courses.

Now that you have completed a course with us, do you feel other students could benefit from you experience and knowledge? If you would like to be a Study Horses Trainer and Assessor, this course is one of the pre… Read more…

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