The Golden Birthday Book

The Golden Birthday Book
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Joan says: "We always plan an especially wonder-filled celebration with a party and a memorable birthday present to make a lasting Memory for our child’s Tomorrow."

Incidentally, do you know the name of the first Baby Boomer? She was born one second after midnight on January 1, 1946, and she’s a Grandma now. It’s in the book.

This unique Bonus has to do with birthdays, but not numbers. No matching dates, no matching years. This is a Birthday Celebration for folks like me who have grown weary of the numbers game – "Age is only a number and mine is unlisted!" I call it… The Timeless Birthday! I love having Timeless Birthdays. February is when I will celebrate (and I do mean celebrate)!

Talking about age… it seems that when you get to a Certain Age, you become an Elder. That’s a good thing. It’s when younger folks finally listen to your Words of Wisdom. It’s when we’re supposed to have gathered some life experience so we are wise. It’s also when the world pays homage to your Long-livedness. You know, today’s Americans are living longer. Much longer. The last US Census counted almost 115,000 citizens who had already celebrated their 100th birthday.

That number will double in five years and, by 2050, there will be more than one million US Centenarians. That’s what the government calls them–Centenarians. They have also coined the term for the folks who are over 110 years of age (and there are lots of them!) — Super-Centenarians!

Elizabeth lives in Memphis TN and she’s 116 years old. That’s do ented and official. Born in 1890, she has lived in three centuries! Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

Moses, the oldest living American man, born in 1893, is 113 years old and lives in Mississippi. I wonder if there’s something particularly healthy about the Southern lifestyle?.

I can even tell you about the oldest living nun and the oldest minister. Both are also Super-Centenarians.

The Golden Birthday Book also includes a Fourth, mini information Bonus. Tucked between the pages is a list of the longest marriages on record from around the world. One of the long-wed couples lives in Minnesota, where I grew up and continue to spend my summers.

I will distribute copies of my book for parents called Teach Me, I’m Yours. It teaches parents how to give their child the skills for school success and for life. Winner of the 2005 EPPIE Award for Best Nonfiction Ebook, my dream is to print the book in w ver language needed to circle the globe.

For all the years I have known Joan Bramsch, and there have been many, it has been evident that her role in life is to serve people at the highest level. In particular, she positively impacts parents around the world and, through them, their children.

Joan has always held tight to her Big Dream, as she calls it – to fund publication in all languages of her book, "Teach Me I’m Yours." This book is a must-have manual for parents to teach their young children the necessary skills for success, not only in school, but in life. Read more…

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