Easy Face Painting Design and Instruction for Beginners

Easy Face Painting Design and Instruction for Beginners
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When I began to plan my daughter’s birthday party, my neighbor said "well, you have to have do face painting. Kids LOVE having their face painted!" Face Painting, I’d seen it done at fairs and festivals and I remembered how happy everyone looked but I never thought of doing it myself.

So I began searching high and low for "how-to" face painting resources. What I found was a lot of information on professional face painting and full-face art, not at all what I needed at the time. I wanted to be able to paint a pretty erfly, ladybug or balloons on a child’s cheek and I couldn’t find anything that showed me how to do that!

So I dug deep into the world of professional face painting, interviewed the pro’s, watched them work, learned their tricks, selected the easiest and most popular "cheek art" designs, painted like crazy, and put it all into a book called Easy Face Painting: You Can Get Professional-Looking Results … Even If You’ve Never Picked Up A Paintbrush.

It covers everything you need to know about getting started in face painting … as soon as TOMORROW!

Imagine being asked to volunteer at your child’s school fundraiser or a charity event. How great would it feel to be able to say "I can raise money by Face Painting"? Can you visualize your Face Painting booth with ten or twenty kids in line?

Wouldn’t it be great to treat your kids or grandkids on a rainy day by bringing out the facepaints and creating a memorable masterpiece on their cheek, hand or arm?

Because every part of this book is there because "you wanted to know." Well, maybe not "you." But from real, live people who’ve asked real, live questions about face painting.

"I was so excited to get your book. If anyone is considering face painting and doesn’t know where to start, this is the book they need. I spent much time researching books that seemed to be more for experienced painters. This book is perfect to get you started which is exactly what I needed. Thank You!!!" Dena S. Wisconsin, United States "JoAnne, thank you for the fabulous e-book. I just sat down and read the whole thing and am now looking forward to the school fete in October … your pointers are simple and easy to follow … and the pictures at the end will provide hours of entertainment for the kids and even me now!!!" Lisa Sydney Australia "Hi, your book was such a great help. It was great to see the pictures and hints to face painting. My sister and I are going to start face painting at local markets in a month so I will let her also have a read of the book. I also have two children who think it is great that mummy is going to start up face painting and loved looking at your pictures of different faces." Melanie Australia I was so pleased to get a copy of your book. Although previously I did a short course on face painting, I only painted s. Nothing prepared me for painting children. When asked to do a party of 30+ children aged 4 & 5 yrs I agreed, (privately terrified!). I badly needed information and ideas for quick simple designs and found this very hard to get. If I had had your book which covers so much including the setting up and preparing children before actually starting painting, I would have been a lot more confident. Now I feel armed for future sessions and look forward to more enjoyable interaction with the children. Thank you. Rachel Surrey, UK

Easy Face Painting is in electronic Adobe PDF format that downloads right to your computer, seconds after you order. That’s right! No waiting for a book to be delivered to your mailbox. Once you make your payment, you will have IMMEDIATE access to all the designs, all the instruction, everything you need to start face painting right now! You can read it off of your computer screen or print it out. W ver you prefer.

Special Bonus #1 -Mammoth List Of Resources With this list of resources to purchase supplies, paints and to generate ideas for designs, you’ll never have to ask again "Where Do I Get Everything I Need?" It’s all here in one, tidy, little report Special Bonus #2 – Kids Recipes Because face painting is generally geared toward kids and the people most interested in face painting seem to be people who have children in their lives, we’re including this free E-book of hundreds of kid-friendly recipes. This book sells alone for $11.95, but you’ll receive it FREE with your purchase. Special Bonus #3 – Letter From A Face Painting Pro This special letter from Irina, professional face… Read more…

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