IrisGrowing – How to Grow Beautiful, Bright Tall Bearded Irises

IrisGrowing - How to Grow Beautiful, Bright Tall Bearded Irises
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I blew tons of money on snail baits, fertilizers, (and everything else I could find) to keep these problems from occurring, but all I got in return was an empty wallet and a pain in my back!

And I know this may sound a little silly to some people, and I usually wouldn’t admit this… but I really do care about what my neighbors think of my yard (but don’t tell them that)….

So you can imagine how embarr ed I was, when my Tall Bearded Irises began to form holes in them the size of a golf ball and the leaves literally began to rot!

But after wasting lots of precious time and money and nearly my beautiful Tall Bearded Irises destroyed…

Like many other plants that only need weeding a few times a week, these irises do not thrive well around weeds at all!

So instead of just throwing money at the problem, I just took a few extra minutes out of my week to make sure there were absolutely no weeds in the area, and what do you know….

I suddenly remembered where I placed the card the man gave me at the market, where I bought the flowers several months ago, and I thought hey it’s a long-shot, but maybe these guys can tell me what the heck I’m doing wrong!

And, after about 30 minutes on the phone, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, as it turns out (and I could kick myself for not thinking of this sooner)….

It was a huge learning curve at first, but most of the solutions were pretty simple. If you don’t know where to look you can easily get lost.

I bought my first Tall Bearded Iris Plant seven years ago. And I have to admit all though it was a huge learning curve that cost me tons of money, and embarr ment.

Now I will be honest with you, if you were my neighbor, I can’t promise you that I would just give away all my secrets.

How would you, like like to be the number one Tall Bearded Iris grower on the block that your neighbors envy?

I have Learned to be super paranoid when it comes to my plants. You never know when something completely simple (and stupid) that you never thought of to kill nearly every plant you own.

That’s why put together this book, the complete checklist of what not to do to ensure you get the results you want.

And exactly what you need to do, if you are serious about growing beautiful tall bearded irises for years to come!

It truly is a privilege, the feeling you get when you see the plant grow and then the precious moments when the flower blooms.

Throughout this book I list clear, easy to follow, step by step instructions of how to go about planting tall bearded irises.

There are also photos of me so it will be as if I am personally there with you going through the planting process.

I would have saved myself hundreds and hundreds of dollars (and not to mention how much time I would have saved) if I would’ve known the secrets in this book when I first started.

Don’t do it I did and spend months (over a year) to get the results you want and blow through 100s of dollars!

Since I just launched my book, I’m currently collecting testimonials. So if you act today, I’ll even throw this bonus in for free!

Just so that I want you to be 100% sure that you are making the right decision, I’m putting all the risk on MY back!

This is how it works… In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with my book in EVERY way… Or… if for ANY reason you feel that my ebook didn’t meet your expectations, then You get your money back instantly! I want ask questions! And, I’m giving you 60 days to try it out!

Now I have actually gone through a fair bit of effort to put this all together for you. I have spent several months brainstorming everything that I have learned over the years about Tall Bearded Irises and then I put in hours of extensive research to fill in the blanks.

But let’s be honest, how much money, time, and headache to you think my book is going to save you?

PLUS…If added all the hours work that I’ve put in to researching, growing and even the amount of money I have personally poured into this book, then I’d have to charge you for thousands of dollars in labor!

Truth be told, I could easily sell this information separately for over 100.00 and it will be worth… Read more…

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