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How to keep micro - Home
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"Micro Pig Expert Reveals The Insider Secrets Of Buying, Training And Living With A Fabulous Micro Pig !

"The love of a pig is as wonderful and warm as the love that you experience in your family."

"Owning, Training & Bonding With Your Micro Pig Is A Rewarding Experience Full Of Fun And Happiness"

Despite some reports that they are different, the micro pig, mini pig and teacup pig are all the same and are actually just different words to describe them.

Despite the common belief that pigs are dirty, owners of micro pigs are happy to report that their pets are very clean. They prefer to have an area for toileting and an area for sleeping and if they are properly trained, a micro pig will avoid going to the bathroom in the home; which is their sleeping area, and will only go outside in the area that is set up. Remember that housetraining with any pet rests solely on the shoulders of the owner and the training they do with their pig.

Micro pigs make extremely good pets. Their small size allows them to live anywhere that a medium sized dog could live and their intelligence has them as easily trained as even the smartest dog breeds. They are usually very healthy animals and while it may not seem the case, they are a clean animal. They bond well with their owners and are the perfect addition to a family.

I’m Elliot Lang and I’m the author of "Tea Cup Pigs And Micro Pigs The Complete Owners Guide." Writing this book has been a labour of love and a long awaited ambition. You see, when I first had an interest in Micro Pigs, I found it extremely difficult to find true, accurate information about buying a pig and providing it with the best of homes, once it was part of the family. I searched the Internet and book shops, looking for a guide that not only had the basic information on how to make that initial, important decision to become a Micro Pig owner. But also all the information I would need to provide the pig with the right environment and a loving home .

I searched and searched but wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. That was some time ago now and since then I’ve become a micro pig owner. Well owner isn’t quite the right word. You see you don’t really own a Micro Pig, instead it becomes a part of your family. It all starts with a pig; at least, that is what anyone who owns a micro pig will tell you. There is something wonderful about the animal that is very difficult to put your finger on. You could say that it is their sweet little appearance or their little snorts, or it could be their personality, w ver it is, people who own a micro pig are hooked as far as pets are concerned.

Over the years I’ve become known as an expert, having built up my knowledge both by reading, studying and more importantly from my own experience, of buying and living with these wonderful animals. This is why I embarked on this journey to write the definitive, but easy to read and access guide to being a Micro pig family member.

I have to say that I’m really proud of this book and I have to thank my children and my wife for all the help and encouragement they gave me. I also have to thank the micro pigs for all the love, friendship and enjoyment they have provided over the years. A friendship and enjoyment I’ll share with you in

The Must Have Guide For Everyone Who Is P ionate About Owning, Breeding or Raising Teacup Pigs, Micro Pigs & Mini-Pigs.

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"All The Information You Need To Make The Initial Decision "Should Your Family Include A Micro Pig?"

Without a doubt, making the decision to have a Micro Pig as part of the family takes some time. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is your concern about having a Micro Pig as a pet. Over the past couple of years it’s become a bit of a fad to own a pig and you regularly see celebrities telling the world that they are now Micro Pig owners.

I’m sure that the vast majority of celebrity owners, just like everyone who owns a Micro Pig, fall under the charm of these amazing animals. They are cute, clean and remarkably intelligent. They are affectionate and can be easily litter trained. They are sociable and have their own personalities. And of course I shouldn’t forget, that they love having their… Read more…

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