Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Guide – Make Your Own Dog Food

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Guide - Make Your Own Dog Food
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Multi-national companies who supply dog food budget millions of dollars on advertising and sponsorship for vet schools, this all to try and keep your attention on their products instead of the healthier Homemade Dog Food which is far superior for your pet.

Your dog deserves the best you can give it when it comes to diet. Having a vast range of homemade dog foods recipes to hand for the best wet, dry and tasty treats will make his life so much better. Meat and vegetable flavored cookies and biscuits will have him panting for more. You can even feed your dog scrumptious meat and vegetable flavored dry dog food.

Homemade Dog Foods and Homemade Dog Treats involves more ingredients and steps to produce and bake them, but isn’t it worth it to give him a great lifestyle?

The manufacturers’ budget for advertising, branding and packaging of their products is in the millions of dollars each year. All of this trying to persuade you that their product is of the highest quality and the best you can give your dog, but is this really true?

Soon you will have all the knowledge at your fingertips on how to feed your dog, with less costs involved, a lot more easily and with better results…

How I would love to name names, but it’s a game I can ill afford. Unfortunately, putting myself in a long-term legal case in the courts, after shaming these multi-national manufacturers, could total put me under.

The best alternative I had was to put everything down and publish my findings (regrettably I can’t name names). But what I can tell you is what to avoid and the reasons why, along with what to give your dog to eat so he/she stays healthy and lives a stronger longer life beside you.

Starting right now you are going to be saving thousands! Your happiness is mirrored by your dog. So if you are full of life, health and vitality your dog will show the same, with each giving mutual love and affection and a life-long relationship.

Both I and Jackie who is nipping around my feet as I write this letter to you, would want to congratulate you for taking the time to read my words. Without my best friend as my companion life would be a little less sunny and a little less loving.

If you’re reading this I’m sure you love your dog as much as I do mine. I think of him as part of my family, my life and just like any family member I want to make sure he is happy, healthy and full of life. Then one day I found out that what I had been feeding him was sub-standard, and not fit for feeding any member of my family.

A few years ago there was a cry from the public to stop manufacturers putting additives and coloring into foods that they are feeding their kids. Manufacturers were backed into a corner and reluctantly had to change their manufacturing process and ingredients to accommodate the public outcry. So why are they still doing it to our pets?

All dog and pet around the world would be happy if a law was p ed to prevent manufacturers putting these pesticides in dog food, but would they spend millions to do that? I doubt it! So instead of wasting precious time thinking about it, do the best thing for you and your dog, prepare his meals yourself.

Yes I know it may take longer to make your dog’s lunch and dinner and it may be slightly more expensive but wouldn’t you do the same for all members of your family instead of giving them processed food that has no health value? Remember a dog is for life! So keeping him strong and happy is just as important as any other.

In the beginning I was always upset at the advertising I saw on TV and in magazines but all I was doing was wasting my energy and focus. Manufacturers still churned out their product no matter what I thought or did. So I took the bull by the horns and decided to give my fellow dog some much needed help by supplying them with healthy homemade dog food recipes that I feed my own dog.

My homemade dog food recipes are not only healthy and full of the nutrients and vitamins but they are extremely easy and quick to prepare. Giving your dog the best it can eat will surely put a big grin on his chops!

For years my dog suffered a really bad ATP skin problem. Eventually I changed his diet to the more healthy homemade food recipes. Since then… Read more…

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