Horse Training Secrets Revealed

Horse Training Secrets Revealed
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That’s Right — With These Amazingly Effective Horse Training Techniques YOU Can Train And Tame ANY Horse, Often In Mere Hours, And Regardless Of Your Previous Experience!

Picture being able to accomplish it gently – with a deep understanding of the horse and his natural instincts and urges.

And what if you had the knowledge and ability to eliminate any bad habit your horse could throw at you?  I’m talking about balking, shying, kicking, biting, halter pulling – you name it! 

Imagine the pride you would feel, both in your wonderfully trained horse, and in yourself, when he obeys your commands, let’s you saddle and mount him without question, and stables easily.

You develop a deep bond and connection with your horse and enjoy one another for many years to come, all because you were able to train him with ease…

Thinking about YOUR horse right now and feeling like this is just some wild fantasy — an impossibility — because your horse is wild or even vicious?

Well, not only could what I described above be your reality…. it could happen faster than you ever imagined possible.

Or maybe you’ve got a ‘problem’ horse with a bunch of bad habits you just can’t shake… and nothing seems to be working.  

Regardless of your experience, if any of the above strikes a chord with you, then then this might just be the most important letter you’ll read this year!

You see, you’re about to discover how to master any horse  and bend it to do your will – even teach it tricks – without brutality and all in record time!  

With this knowledge you can take even the baddest, nastiest, most contrary horse and put it on its best behavior so quickly you’ll curse yourself for not discovering these secrets years ago! 

And the best part is that anyone can do this – even if you’ve never trained a horse in your life! More on this in a second… but first…

I’m going to share with you the closely guarded and all-but-forgotten secrets that today’s professional horse trainers either don’t know or don’t want you to know!

A couple years back I had a problem with my horse, a white Appaloosa I named Bo. He was beautiful to look at — BUT he was absolutely vicious.

While I have experience training horses, I just couldn’t seem to break him. Nothing, and I do mean nothing I was doing was working with Bo.

Stumped and more than a little distraught I relented and brought in a local trainer, at a cost of several hundred dollars plus a $100 "problem horse" fee, thinking that it would be a worthwhile investment.

And I was surprised, not by how quickly this trainer had tamed my horse, but by how he didn’t seem to be able to get much farther with Bo than me.

With several days past and no headway with Bo, I was frustrated and beginning to think nothing would ever work — until a conversation with my Grandfather changed my life forever.

After sharing my problems with him, he recommended that I look for an old book… he said that if I could find it, my problems would be solved.

My first reaction was to scour the Internet, but to no avail… this was apparently not something that I could just pick up at Amazon…

Next, I went down to the library, thinking that surely I could pick up a copy there. Again, no such luck as they had NO copies of this book anywhere.

I was beginning to think it a lost cause — considering perhaps bringing in another trainer to work with Bo when I happened upon a vintage bookstore in town.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out… and there it was… I had struck gold… in their collection of old and rare books, I found the book with the very long le about training horses…

As it turns out, this forgotten m cript my Grandfather pointed me to was written by a Master Horseman… and in it he revealed his Proven Step-by-Step Formula for Taming and Training any Wild or Vicious Horse in as little as 4 to 6 hours! 

A couple of hours later when I’d finished the whole thing I realized that I’d stumbled across a book that was EXTREMELY valuable to anyone and everyone who works with horses!   

Now you might be asking yourself,  "Is this old information really of any use today?"   

The answer to that is, "ABSOLUTELY YES!"  You see, this book is from a time when the relationship between man and horse was MUCH closer than it is today.  A time before the of the motorized vehicle.  Read more…

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