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Sell Your Home Now
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Im here to tell you how much of a time waster using a realtor or posting your home on a cl ifieds website is. There is a much better way to sell your home quickly and easily and it doesn’t include waiting months for your home to sell online or paying a realtor $10,000 and up for commission, while they drag their feet and play games with you.

She scared away my prospects, scared away other Realtors, so I couldn’t hire them, told me to re-arrange my furniture, and do all of this unnessesary stuff or she wouldn’t bring interested buyers over.

Then when I did finish, she told me she had “better” sellers that she had to attend to before she could help me.

Now four years later, Ive got a successful home rental business on the ocean, and I know what Im doing when it comes to selling homes.

That’s when I took it into my own hands and put together what Im going to show you in this video.

Is it because you don’t want to spend the $10-20,000 on a Realtor or wait forever for your home to sell online?

The cheap skate offers less money than they know your home is worth because they think the prices of homes will continue to fall.

They are like that chicken licken guy who told everyone the sky was falling because he got hit with a piece of space junk.

So if you think you can’t sell your home cause you won’t get enough money to pay off your mortgage loan and buy another home, then you are at the right place. Keep listening.

If those experts down at Wall Street know what they are doing how come there are so many for sale signs and ain’t nothing selling?

These guys that steal 63 Billion dollars are considered to be experts AND they were the freaking heads of the New York Stock Exchange.

So what Im saying is if the experts are not getting the job done you may have to do it yourself and save a boatload of money.

When you don’t have to pay money for a Realtor Commission and other things you end up putting more money in your own pocket.

You shouldn’t have to endure costs to help sell your house faster, like fixing it up or Staging fees- making the house look awesome to buyers, stuff like that.

Realtors may charge a 5% commission instead or 6 or 7% but they get their commission no matter how much time or money you use to help sell your home.

Realtors will suggest that you pay all kinds of things to help sell your home but always remember that It’s all your expense not theirs.

Based on the average home in the US of A, $171,000, the average commission is 10,000 smackers and staging fees can run another $3000 smackers.

If you add in the average 10% that a buyer would like to low ball you, that can be another $17,000 smackers. Don’t let that trash happen and you can put up to $30,000 more smackers in your pocket.

Don’t get me wrong, but Realtors can be useful but more for wealthy people who are happier paying for everything than doing it themselves.

Why so many homes that are using realtors and other specialists remain unsold on the market for months or years?

I mean there are plenty of buyers but they are all afraid of getting screwed blued and tattooed…..Same as you. Now you might think, well Ill list my home on a cl ifieds website or with Ebay.

Ehh, after a month or so of your home sitting on that site, no bids, no interest, nothing.. You might even want to try paying a Realtor that $10,000.

Again, there is a better way. With HowToSellYourHome Now. I will show you the exact steps to selling your home. I will give you the exact sales process

Once you learn how to sell you can feel comfortable giving tag sales, selling your scooter or using the skills throughout your whole life.

It also teaches you how to answer buyer’s questions, how to show/present your home to buyers and how to discuss price with the buyer to get a good price for your home and a good deal for the buyer. are not attorneys and do not give legal advice but they suggest you hire a lawyer which you would need anyway even if you used a realtor.

The lawyer can do all the legal work, like ordering le reports, etc., for a fee which is much less money than… Read more…

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