Online Video Course Trailerloading – Horse Trailer Loading

Online Video Course Trailerloading - Horse Trailer Loading
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On this page you will discover that also your horse can experience the trailer as a safe and comfortable place. Of course horses have different characters, but through eight years of experience loading more than a thousand horses I know that if the horse loads or not has to do with his experiences, not his character.

For different characters their are different strategies. For bad experiences you program new ones. This and more you will discover in my Online Video Course for Trailerloading.

The horse on the picture on the left was once pushed on the trailer with a tractor. Nobody could load him without force. After a session with my strategies he experienced the trailer as safe and comfortable again. In my course there’s a video with this horse as a case study.

“When you give somebody a fish, you feed him for a day. When you teach him to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime”.

This is why I made a video course that explains it very clear, short and easy. Many details will be visually explained so you’ll know what to look for. This video course is a simple, but complete mini-course in Natural Horsemanship. All exercises and principles that you’ll get to see in the video’s can also be used for foals and young horses.

Discover with this Online Video Course the effective and horsefriendly way of trailerloading the Eddy Modde has done it successfully for years. Based on eight years of experience loading more than a thousand horses. Also the specific problem that your horse has with the trailer will addressed. If not in video 1 to 6, than it will be a part of video 7. Below is a summary of all the topics:

This is the content of the video course: Part 1: Preparation – The Basic Moves Part 2: More theory and details on the basic moves Part 3: Theory on trailerloading Part 4: Trailerloading with Nero (haflinger) Part 5: Trailerloading with Paul & Appache (Dutch Warmblood) Part 6: Case study with Max – Live video Part 7: Tips, Tools, Details, Question and Answer, Problem Solving on Request

I also promise there won’t be endless long video fore you to watch, so you won’t have to sit for hours in front of your computer. The videos are short, powerful and clear. You can watch them more than ones to really see all the details.

“excellent video’s! Very clear! Nice having the drawings and moving pictures in the corner of the screen. I have experience with groundwork with horses, but I haven’t been able to explain it to my husband (who is a beginner). After these video’s he got it. I loved your expression standing next to the board.” Marie-Jose

“I enjoyed watching the horse that did not get it straight away. This way it is easy to see where it goes wrong. For you it will be very obvious how to go about it. When I am trying to do it, I often think things like: am I standing on the right side, etc. But the course demonstrates this really well.” H.M.

“It is very good to see that someone can learn how to this following your tips and suggestions. For often the complaint is that only the expert can do it, but not the owner.” Karin

After payment you’ll have access forever to the webpage with the Online Video Course. But that’s not the only thing you get:

FREE bonus #1: An extended version of my E-book FREE bonus #2: You can get personal help from me through E-mail or Video Coaching

P.S. If for w ver reason your are not happy with the course, you have 30 days to say it was not what you expected it to be and I’ll refund your money. So there’s no risk for you! Read more…

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