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Can Experience All the Amazing Benefits of My Stress-Free Dog Litter Box Training Without Sacrificing All Your Time To Do It!

Your dog will be able to potty indoors or outdoors upon completion!

· Do you miss activities you love due to not being able to leave puppy home alone too long?

It only takes a few days to potty train your precious dog(s) how to use the litter box!!

It only took 7 days to housetrain my COCO to use it. She was a "bad girl" before. Luckily, I found this website and purchased this E-book from Teresa. I followed this E-book closely to train her!

Finally, it WORKS! Look, she took to it right away!! Buy this book, don’t waste time!! Just DO it!! Thank u very much! Teresa! God bless u!!!!"

Hello! My name is Teresa Heath. I live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida where 80% of the time it’s hot!

That way you can contact me for any and all questions you might have concerning my litter box training your dog method.

I have written this #1 Best Seller E-book, "How To Litter Box Train Your Dog" for the primary purpose of helping others who like myself in my beginning days of litter box training my first dog, Mishy, are desperate to know the easiest, fastest and least time consuming way to litter box train their puppy or dog.

to having a house broken dog that can be left alone for hours on end while you go out and enjoy a romantic dinner, a movie or just simply hang out at a friend’s house.

To having a dog that is a well disciplined, potty trained companion that you always dreamed of, and to reveal a freedom filled lifestyle that you never knew existed.

To be able to enjoy clean carpets and watch your puppy quickly become successful at "pottying in it’s litter box".

To finally be able to have an indoor potty for your physically challenged older dog.

To feel secure in your dog being safe from outdoor dangers & bad weather!

To not be concerned with rushing home to let your dog out.

Most other dog housetraining systems or methods require the dog or puppy owner to do everything for the puppy when it comes to the training itself.

My TOP SECRET method IS so easy because after you follow the explicitally detailed instructions on how to set everything up once as it should be….after that the puppy or dog owner’s involvement in the training will be minimal.

In fact, it is so much less time consuming it almost seems as if the puppy or dog is training him or herself.

In the very beginning, it was all delight, giggles and fun with Mishy!

She had my complete devotion and we spent MOST OF OUR TIME playing with her and when she went potty ..believe it or not..that was even cute……I was quick to clean it up right away without worry or bother.

Just as soon as our lives had to get back to normal and I had to ume doing my regular daily duties …

Soon I realized I drastically needed puppy potty training HELP and fast!!!

I had absolutely no clue how to even begin to puppy potty train Mishy and things got rapidly out of hand…..they went from bad to worse!~

I made so many stupid mistakes in those first few days. It wasn’t long before I felt like I was living in………….

I was even on the verge of tears a couple of times due to exhaustion and frustration from running after her and cleaning up her nasty, smelly pee and poop messes!

My house began to smell like a barn and my white berber carpet was not so white anymore.

My husband, who was not really happy about my getting a puppy in the first place, became more and more agitated about the mess and stink in our house.

Mishy had been a very special surprise combined birthday and Mother’s Day gift from a group of special people who were like family.

For months I had told several of my close friends about how badly I wanted a pomeranian puppy.

So secretly they got together and put their monies together and bought her for me.

I even named her "Mishbokah" which in Hebrew means "family". From whence came the name "Mishy".

It would not only be embarr ing, but downright heartbreaking!

Even in this short period of time..I had already grown to love her….

But….I also knew I could not choose between her and my husband. I knew I had to do something quick!!

As I looked for help for my potty problems with Mishy I realized I was going to need a solution… Read more…

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