How to Start a Lawn Mowing Business – WATCH MONEY GROW

How to Start a Lawn Mowing Business - WATCH MONEY GROW
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Setting Up Your CompanyThings you need to know such as company name, logo, slogan, uniforms, phone numbers…

EquipmentTo buy a van or trailer? Which lawn mowers are good and which aren’t. What’s the difference between a commercial mower and a domestic mower…

Customer Database Technology is there – use it. What methods there are to keep track of customers, what i used, why i used it…

In this eBook i give you a step by step guide as to what you need to do to set up your lawn mowing business.

Don’t be fooled by what people tell you about setting up your own business. I have heard people say "you need to be a genius" or "you need at least 10 years business experience", that is all rubbish!

It’s important to know right from the start where you are planning on taking your business. You need to have a pathway to follow while you’re building your business. An action plan is provided which you can follow to give you some direction.

Don’t know where to start with your advertising? Contact me, I can help you set up an advertising campaign.

If you need guidance with getting a website set up please contact me. I have set up several very successful lawn mowing website’s which were generating 6 to 8 leads a DAY before i sold my business! Read more…

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