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"One of the best books about African dwarf frogs I have ever read. I feel confident I want to get a dwarf frog for my son now because I know how to properly care for one. I enjoyed reading it, and it was nice that all of my questions about how to buy and care for a dwarf frog were answered so clearly and concisely in the book."

"This book covers what I needed to know about how to buy a healthy dwarf frog for my kids. I now know exactly what a dwarf frog needs for food, what to buy for a tank, and healthy frog care too. I liked the simple instructions that were easy to read and easy to remember."

If you or your child are p ionate about having a pet and are looking for a friendly, low cost and incredibly easy-to-care-for pet, then adopt a few — African dwarf frogs!

These little frogs take very little room so they can fit into even apartment style living, and can live in a small aquarium tank right in your child’s room!

If you have never kept aquarium fish or aquatic frogs before, don’t worry. African dwarf frogs are hardy creatures and they can withstand a variety of tank conditions which makes them really easy to keep because they are more tolerant to adverse conditions than most fish are. This leaves you a little extra room for error as you and your child learn how to take care of your dwarf frog. It won’t be long before you realize that keeping a tank full of frogs is easier than you thought it would be and more fun too!

Many people recall childhood memories of trips to ponds and other swampy places were frogs and dragon flies lived. You may have had fun trying to catch a leaping leopard frog and enjoyed catching them and releasing them as a child. With that thought in mind, wouldn’t it be great to get an inexpensive and easy to care for pet for your child?

These aquatic frogs have slim, almost flat bodies that range in color from brown to olive green and they often exhibit dark spotting along their backs and legs. African dwarf frogs have lungs like mammals rather than gills like fish, despite being aquatic creatures so you may occasionally see them dartling to the surface of the tank and taking gulps of air.

African dwarf frogs enjoy human company and they will interact with the people who care for them.

African dwarf frogs enjoy being handled and held and are actually a very companionable frog and fun for kids as well as s. They are a great first pet for you to buy for your child and don’t require the expensive food, upkeep and vet costs, or walking or letting out that a cat or a dog would. So for a first pet or if you need a pet for a small home or apartment or one the child wants to keep in their room, they make an excellent choice.

Raising African dwarf frogs can be a simple choice because the tiny African dwarf frogs can be the first step to showing your child how to be responsible for a pet.

You know from past experience the joy of caring for a pet and the love that having a pet of your own means to you. Let you child feel the pride of caring for, feeding, and cleaning the aquarium and watching their own frog’s antics. All these can be very rewarding tasks!

Your child will love having a pet — and will always remember good times they had when they are older because of their memories of their first dwarf frog.

If you already have a freshwater fish tank set up you can add a few frogs to your already existing tank without having to make any changes at all. I even include in my ebook what types of fish do well with your African dwarf frog and what fish do not and why so you can avoid any problems with your aquarium.

If you are completely new to the aquarium hobby, getting started with a dwarf frogs is easy – all you need is an aquarium starter kit and a few frogs and this book, and you will be ready to go!

I want to help you to take your first step towards owning your first dwarf frog. When I was looking to purchase my own African dwarf frogs many years ago; I discovered there was very limited information available for help purchasing, owning, feeding, raising African dwarf frogs.

After searching for many hours for dwarf frog information, as well as talking to dwarf frog fanciers I finally decided that there was a definite… Read more…

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