How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas

How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas
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I have been a dog owner for the last 25 years and take my dog everywhere. To restaurants, motels, church, yes even in my bed. Fleas are not very picky and dont care if it’s animal blood or your blood. So fleas have been my sworn enemy for the last 25 years. What I learned by going through your e-book (How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas), made me wish something like your book was around a long time ago… I know times are hard, but the fleas dont care. By starting before fleas get a hold, it is easily possible to save the price of the book by using the cheap, or home remedies found in it. I am p ive person, but DEATH to FLEAS! I highly recommend your book! Suzanne Gorrell,

Over the years my pets and I have just tolerated our flea problem. I never let it get out of hand, but I never got rid of all the fleas either… Then I got a copy of your book – many thanks – and learned that there were more ways to deal with fleas than I knew about. And more importantly, as I was reading I began to think about getting rid of my flea problem in an coordinated way. Not just treating my dogs and cats haphazardly, but actually attacking the problem, in a systimatic way – taking care of the fleas not just on my pets, but in my entire home…. I came up with a plan that used several ways of getting rid of fleas mentioned in your book and now I don’t tolerate fleas, cause there aren’t any fleas in my home to tolerate… Samual Frea

The leading cause of skin problems in dogs and cats is the ordinary flea. Fleas can occur year-round in warm climates or on pets that live indoors." – Minnisota Department of Health

"The sticktight flea is one of the smallest fleas found on domestic animals, usually measuring less than half the size of the cat flea. And it is not as common as the cat flea"

"Fleas are blood-feeding insects. Pain and itching results from an allergic reaction to the materials that the fleas inject into the skin at the time of the bite."

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of fleas and keep them from coming back… Then this book is for you! If you’ve heard conflicting advice about the best way to treat your flea-infested pet and want clear answers… Then this book is for you! Or maybe you’re just curious about what fleas are and why they find our pets so attractive… Then this book is for you, too!"

I first encountered fleas when I was kid with my own dog… he slept in my room at night and waited for me to come home from school each day.

His name was “Sparky”, and he was just a mutt. But I taught him to do tricks like shaking hands, sitting and barking on command… we played ball and he caught frisbees. I loved that dog. He was my pal.

Sparky was a “flea factory”! He was always scratching and scratching and biting himself…

I tried everything: flea collars, many baths, various home remedies. Even talked my mom into taking him to vet a few times (I d seeing him suffer). But nothing seemed to work very long. Oh, some of the treatments did work for a few days… and then the fleas would be back, just as bad as before!

I thought to myself, then… shouldn’t I be able to effectively get rid of Sparky’s fleas and keep them from coming back? But I was just a kid…

Ok, I’m not really a flea expert… but that’s what all my friends and family think, today.

Until just a couple of years ago, I thought I had my current dog’s flea problem, pretty much in hand. As an , I was better in my efforts in controlling fleas in my home or I thought was… Then we had a foreign exchange student stay with us, who had a bad allergic reaction to flea bites from fleas living in my home!

I wasn’t better at stopping those fleas. I was just better at ignoring the problem&hellip And that is when I got obsessed with finding out everything I could about fleas, the diseases and ailments they cause, why our pets get them…

Any information that claimed to be useful for preventing or removing fleas… I wanted to know about! I devoured every website on the internet about fleas (a good place to start). I got some magazines, some books, and read all the research articles on what actually works and what doesn’t.

Some flea treatments… Read more…

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