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How to Raise Rabbits - The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners - Home
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Are you frustrated with the quality of the raising rabbit guide books on the market? Same old stuff? Difficult to follow? Not enough photos? Got questions that need answering but no support?

If you already have or are thinking of getting a Rabbit then there’s something you must know about. You’re probably making critical mistakes in raising your rabbit and don’t even know it! The problem is that rabbits are not like other pets. You can’t just buy a rabbit, put it in a shelter, give them food and expect it to live to their expectancy of up to 15 years! Does any of this sound familiar?

How long can rabbits remember things and how quickly can they adapt to new environments?

What is the normal process for newborn rabbits once they are born and living in the nest?

How long should baby rabbits stay with their mother until they must be separated?

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Rabbits do require special care and once you learn and understand their needs its not that hard to care and raise rabbit the right way. Rabbits are worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward you many folds in enjoyment as pet, companionship or even for profits.

First, let me ask you a question…Did you get the "owners manual" the day you own your rabbit?

No? I’ve been in contact with many rabbit owners (and owners-to-be) over the years and I’ve realized that most rabbit owners actually need one!

As I’m sure you know, each type of animal is unique in terms of the needs at every stages when growing up and rabbit is not an exception. However, most owners don’t realize the essential steps that is required in raising their rabbits and often cause the life’s of this innocent creature.

I love rabbits. That’s why I’ve spent months and months of research, interviewing rabbit owner, vets, importers and well-known breeders to compile the complete guide book.

You’re interested? Read on right now, this is going to be the most important message you ever read.

I have created a new ebook called – “How To Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners” with 133 pages. This is the ultimate guide that will show you step by step how to raise your rabbits using proven methods.

It virtually covers everything you need to know about raising rabbits. In fact, it actually covers so much more that it’ll save you literally hundreds of hours and money in testing and hoping you get things right!

Imagine being able to start from beginning knowing which rabbit breed to raise and you know using steps and techniques that have already worked and tried before. You avoid what most newbie’s to the nature of raising rabbits have to go through, TRIAL AND ERROR! No, you’ll know that it’s going to be right from day one. Wouldn’t that be great? Or what about if you could save, hours, day’s week’s or even months researching how other rabbit owners started their journey? You could spend that time raising more rabbits for fun and profits or having the happiest and healthiest rabbit pet. How would you feel if you could do this?

The best part about this information is that anyone can do it and it’s easy!

Whether your rabbit is a buck or doe, it doesn’t matter. The information and techniques apply to all breeds of rabbits.

What you need to know BEFORE you begin. Is rabbit right for you?

Discover 10 questions to consider before settling on the journey to raise rabbits

Review the many surprising benefits of raising rabbits and know which one is right for you from day one

4 little-known criteria to instantly identify which rabbit to get according to your preference

Learn the different terminologies and terms used when describing rabbits

Tips for purchasing rabbit that rabbit owners rarely reveal and how to choose the right breed

Learn first-hand exactly what to beware of rabbit breeders who want to sell large breeds of rabbits

The #1 common mistake that every new rabbit owners should know to start

The fascinating facts about interpreting rabbit body language and behavior as rabbit have a language of their own

Find out the exact message rabbit send out when they are sniffing, circling your feet, chinning, hop dance, teeth grinding and etc..

Discover when is the best time to feed your rabbit and how much to feed them

Uncover the different types of nutrition for rabbits to keep them healthy and live longer

Learn elements of housing and equipments for having a productive development growth of rabbit

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