The Amazing Bichon Frise Dog – Everything You Must Know!

The Amazing Bichon Frise Dog - Everything You Must Know!
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Maybe you just simply want to have your Bichon trained a bit better. A dog that pees inside, chews everything in sight, "pulls" on a lead, jumps up on guests and barks too much, can take some of the fun out of owning a dog can’t it?

And you know a Bichon can easily be trained when you know how! If some of this describes you and you would like a healthy, happy, well trained Bichon that brings years of enjoyment for you and the family that doesn’t end up costing you a small fortune please read on.

I really get frustrated seeing Bichon owners ending up with big disappointments just because they didn’t have the right information at hand. There is a better way. This is what happened to me. I remember the first Bichon Frise we bought , Shani. She was a pure bred 7 week old female. Her favorite sleeping place used to be in one of my husband’s old leather shoes. I didn’t know then what questions to ask the breeder or what to look for when we went shopping for her. To cut a long story short we spent over $2700 on Shani over the first 2 years for 2 knee repairs and countless visits to the vet for on going allergy problems. If only I had known then what I know today about a Bichon’s diet, exercise and general needs we wouldn’t have had to fork out all that money. and go through that stress. I guess in a way its a bit like buying a car.

If you don’t know what to look for can easily end up with a car that is not really in good condition. Bichons generally are a very healthy, sturdy dog but like any breed have weaknesses to watch out for. Our second Bichon "Ellie", we bought as a puppy when she was 16 weeks old.

We didn’t then know how to tell if a puppy has been socialized well or not. Well, we got home with a dog that was real hard work for several months. Ellie was so timid, barked all the time, was very slow learning anything and took a while to take to any visitors.

But wow how things have changed now! Our last few Bichons have been absolutely perfect. OK they have been to the vet once or twice for their shots but we’ve had no major expenses in the last 6 years. We did our homework this time and had spent much of our spare time over the years finding out everything we could about Bichons.

It honestly has taken the worry and expense out of buying, training and caring for our Bichons. Imagine This For a Minute Imagine being confident that you are asking the pet owner/breeder the right questions before you hand over your hard earned cash for you new "little friend".

You don’t want to end up with anything less than a healthy perfect little Bichon do you? And when you get home with your puppy, won’t it be so nice knowing exactly what you need for your puppy in those first few months rather than "guessing"?

How would it feel having a dog that is a pleasure to have inside the house at all times, that walks well on a lead, that’s gentle with children and is really your best friend without costing a you lot of time and money to look after?

You’ll be the envy of other dog owners too! The Good News I would love to help you have the best possible experience with your Bichon. They have certainly changed my and my family’s life for the better!

I want to help prevent you losing hundreds of dollars in health related costs by buying right and just as importantly caring for your Bichon in the best possibly way. The right diet, exercise and care really make all the difference.

A Bichon Frise does NOT have to be expensive to look after once you know what you are doing! It ‘s my wish that you become one of the many happy Bichon owners I have helped over the years who are so proud when family or friends drop in and see their Bichon.

Won’t it feel great to have your friends and other dog owners marvel at how well trained, healthy and well groomed your Bichon is? There’s nothing like seeing the effect a well groomed Bichon has on people is there! To help make this happen for you and others, I researched and wrote an e-book called "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Bichon Frise" In 139 pages I have covered nearly everything to help you have the best possible experience with a Bichon Frise from start to finish. It isn’t like… Read more…

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